3 Marketing tips for new small business owners

new business
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Eighty new businesses were formed every hour in the UK from January to June 2021. This 32% increase from 2019 is an indication that entrepreneurship is rising. Recent global events may have also altered a fresh graduate’s mindset who is looking to own a business rather than find employment. Advancements in technology balanced the playing field and small businesses can thrive amongst the big players. You might have a bright and bold idea for an enterprise, but you’re not exactly sure how to market your product or services. Read on for some tips that can help spark interest and generate sales.

Create A Brand

Think of how you can form an association between your target market and your product. These associations are vital because it’s what will draw in customers. To harness these associations, you’ll need to know what makes your offer unique. You will also need to figure out what you believe in. For instance, you believe in keeping the planet healthy. Your products and business practices need to reflect this value. These will come through as your business’ “personality.”  A vision of where the business is going is another part of your branding. This gives the impression that you are envisioning growth. Once you get a hold of your branding, logos, taglines, and colour schemes, you will emerge naturally.

Build A Website

70% of Brits are doing their shopping online, which means a website is now a necessity for businesses.  Design the website around your brand and your target market. You can opt to do it yourself, but avoid using free templates. Just like your brand, you’ll want your website to stand out. Investing the time and money to build a website that looks professional, easy to navigate, both mobile and desktop-friendly, and with a good load speed is worth the investment. Consider implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies on your website. These will help improve your company’s Google ranking and allow it to be easily seen by potential customers. If SEO is something that’s beyond the skills you have, there are professionals like Neon Ambition that can do the hard work for you.

Utilize Social Media

Boost your online presence by using social media platforms. Six in ten businesses in the UK aren’t using social media and this is a huge risk to sales and customer relationships. The benefits of social media to your business are raising brand awareness, a quicker way to share what’s new, improving traffic to your website, and building a relationship with your customers. The last one is vital. Engaging with your clients will foster loyalty, retention, and more importantly word-of-mouth recommendations that are indispensable for business growth. 

There are many more marketing strategies that you can employ to promote your new company, but these three will set you off to a good start. A bonus tip: don’t try to do everything by yourself. You have the option to hire professionals or outsource jobs that you think you’re less skilled at. This will give you time to focus on the heart of your new business.