3 simple hairstyles to try out this winter

Written by Steph Hallson

We all know that when winter comes around, all we want to do is lay in our warm beds for as long as possible, and the last thing we want to be doing is spend hours on our hair. Here are three quick and simple hairstyles that you should try out this winter.

1. French Braid Side-Twist

Winter is notorious for harsh, cold winds, and this hairstyle will keep your hair firmly in place despite this.

Step 1 – Part your hair to the side

Step 2 – Split this in half horizontally and tie the top section up and away

Step 3 – Start with a small section of hair near the front of the bottom section you have just created, and start braiding, adding a piece of extra hair with each time you cross over to the middle to create a french braid.

Step 4 – Keep going until all the hair is braided, then just plait the hair as normal.

Step 5 – Untie the top section and repeat the process, until you have two french braids on the side of your head.

Step 6 – Finally, take the two braids and twist them round your fingers as you combine them by twisting them round each other until they make one twisted braid.

You can then repeat on the other side if you wish!

Play around with braids until you find a style you like!

2. Warm Waves

If you're wanting an easy style, or just feeling like wearing your hair down and using it to keep warm this may be the one for you.

Step 1 – Pick your favourite way to curl you hair with loose curls, be it with a straightener, a curling iron or perhaps rollers.

Step 2 – Once they have set, get some sea salt spray and spritz all over and then gently work through to create those soft waves.

Step 3 – Then all that’s needed is a bit of hairspray to keep this hairstyle fresh all day! It couldn’t be simpler!

Stay warm this winter with wonderful waves.

3. Bunched-up braided bun

Keeping with waves and plaits…a re-imagined half up do.

Step 1 – As with the style above, loosely curl your hair with your preferred method.

Step 2 – Section the amount of hair you want to put into the bun.

Step 3 – Braid this section into small plaits.

Step 4 – Twist together and up to create a bun, and secure with a hair tie.

You can change this style to suit you – why not try braiding into a simple ponytail for a change?

And there you have it, three simple styles to keep you looking fabulous (and feeling warm!) this winter.