3 of the best media sources

Written by Lauren Wise

I might not have studied journalism at university, but during my time at Kettle journalism has become very important to me. How we read, receive and learn about the news stories through the media. Being media editor, having some of the best sources for media information on tap is a must.

Although it’s necessary to cover all media bases and be aware of what’s happening with each publication, we all have our favourites. So, here are some of my favourite sources for media news.

3. Twitter

Twitter might have come last in the BBC’s most trustworthy news source survey, but it’s rapidity to breaking news can’t be overlooked. Also, there’s no other news source as interactive with public opinion as Twitter.

Twitter has quickly become one of the world’s favourite news sources; not just for finding news, but for revealing it too. 


It’s important to take Twitter with a pinch of salt; fact isn’t always verifiable, and things can be blown out of proportion very easily. What it is good for, is finding opinion on already verified stories from more reliable news sources.

2. ITV six o’clock News

TV News is for me the next most engaging. People watch TV much more than reading print news, and having it on in the background makes catching up on daily news easy.

ITV News is obviously not restricted to simply media news, as with Twitter, but they’re often on the headlines.

Watching over reading is a subjective preference, and personally I enjoy both. Choosing to watch ITV over BBC is not a deliberate choice, as it’s my parents’ favourite news source because they feel more of a connection with the presenters (we say hello to Lucy the weather girl every evening…).

News reporters have a lot riding on them when it comes to making a story professional while being unintimidating and engaging with their audience; for me this is something ITV presenters excels at.

1. The Guardian

In terms of print and online news, The Guardian is the one for me. It’s media section is a daily update of careful and fact-checked news, which delivers great ideas for our weekly articles!

The newspaper came 9th in the BBC’s most impartial news source survey, and in my opinion this is a bit too far down. Beating The Guardian was Five News, Sky News, and of course the BBC (which is unsurprising).

On the BBC’s most trustworthy news source survey, The Guardian landed a more respectable 6th place, beaten again by the top broadcast giants; BBC, ITV News and Channel 4.

The broadsheet is known for being one of the most reliable newspapers, and its impartiality makes it one of the most trustworthy.

What are your favourite media sources? Do you have a newspaper you read daily, or an online journal you couldn’t be without? Leave your comments in the section below!