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11 Ways To Make Yourself More ‘Follow-able’ On Twitter

On Twitter it seems that we all want to lead and not many people want to follow. Don’t worry though, there are a few things you can do to encourage people to follow you!

On Twitter it seems that we all want to lead and not many people want to follow. Don’t worry though, there are a few things you can do to encourage people to follow you! Here are 11 tips to make yourself more ‘follow-able’ on Twitter:

1. Have an avi

Who wants to follow an egg? No one. Get out your iPhone and snap your best selfie!

2. Fill out your bio

How will anyone know if you’re worth following if they know nothing about you? Answer: They won’t. I’d also say to try and use your real name to make it easier for your friends to find you, but then that also makes it easy for your boss too!

3. Fill out your location

People tend to be more inclined to follow people in the same country as opposed to another, especially with language barriers! If you’re lucky enough to live in a big city like London, this will make people more likely to follow you as even people in other countries know where that is! You’re also 90% cooler because you don’t live in a field in the middle of no where. I used to live in Kent and found that a lot of my friends still put their location as London for this reason (close enough right?).

4. Update regularly

If you never tweet then what is the point following you? (Note: Your horoscope tweeting each day does not count as a regular update.)

5. Follow

Follow people who interest/have similar interests to you. I personally wouldn’t fuss over whether they follow back, but by following them it shows other people what you like and expands your network.

6. Engage

Twitter is not the place to be shy. Talk to people and reply to things. If people see you’re fun/good to talk to they’re more likely to follow you so that they can talk to you too!

7. Post good stuff

Whether you’re just a student looking for people to relate to or a journalist looking to expand your connections, Twitter is just microblogging. Your posts aren’t necessarily for you, they’re for your audience. Tweet things people can relate to/engage with (RT, reply etc.) instead of what you had for breakfast or how long is left on your washing machine.

8. Post other media

Sometimes words can get a bit boring, so why not share some funny memes (or an info graphic if you’re using Twitter professionally) and give the words a rest? Pictures and Twitter work really well together and definitely make a tweet more interesting. I open almost every picture I see on my timeline just to see what it is! (I follow quite a lot of people my age, so they’re pretty funny and turn a good tweet into a great tweet that gets retweeted and put into my favourites)

9. Have a link to your Twitter on your blog/website

If you’ve got a blog or a website, make sure there’s a link to your social media profiles such as Twitter so that visitors can easily click through and follow you. If you can just put a ‘Follow’ button so they can follow you without even leaving the site

10. Retweet

If you retweet someone either because you agreed with what they said or just to share it, they’re more likely to look at what you’ve tweeted and retweet something. This will expose your Twitter profile to a new audience (their followers) who then may decide to follow you.

11. Share

If you’ve got Twitter to promote your blog, work or business it’s fine to tweet your links, but balance it with tweeting other people’s links that are relevant to what you do so that you’re not constantly forcing your stuff onto people, but also adding value by showing them other people’s content that they may not have seen otherwise.

How many Twitter followers do you have? How did you get them?