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10 People You Should Definitely Follow On Twitter

Are the people you follow on Twitter getting a bit dull? Do you need a bit of fresh blood to liven the place up?

Are the people you follow on Twitter getting a bit dull? Do you need a bit of fresh blood to liven the place up? Well, here’s 10 great people to start following, there’s comedy, worthy causes, inspirational figuers and just good old gossip. So what are you waiting for, just click and go.

Alan Carr Twitter1) Alan Carr: He is known as ‘The Chatty Man’.  If you are not following a natural Comedian and you are looking for that one person who will always make you laugh then you should follow Allan Carr. His Twitter Biography reads ‘Stand-up comedian and TV presenter’ and he does exactly that on twitter! Follow him for celebrity updates because he does a good job of interviewing them!

Kim Kardashian Twitter2) Kim Kardashian: You either love the Kardashians to bits or you find them irritating and fake. Either way, Kim Kardashian boasts a lot of followers on twitter with over 13 million. Her life seems to revolve around Twitter and it is always interesting to find out what Kim is up to apart from her reality series. No doubt, there is always gossip around her.

The Queen Twitter3) Queen UK: This is a Parody account but every tweet is sure to make you laugh. Every political situation is turned into a comedy scene and the main targets (David Cameron and Nick Clegg) are portrayed in an opposite light, not how we see them in public. This account targets Britain as well and would make you say ‘If only our Queen was as funny as that!’ If you wish to join her gin o’clock (9 o’clock) Sessions and run Bacon and egg sandwich errands for her, then the Queen UK is definitely worth a follow!

Barkha Dutt Twitter4) Barkha Dutt: This is for all you journalists and trainee journalists. She is fearless and has achieved a lot in her life as a journalist. If you want to learn how to be fearless and you wish to tackle Politicians who deserve to be tackled, then Barkha Dutt is the one to follow because her intelligent tweets on daily issues will give you encouragement. She knows what she is talking about and is a good role model.

Eva Longoria Twitter5) Eva Longoria: A lot of you may know her from Desperate Housewives as the ever glamorous Gabrielle Solis, but Eva Longoria is not just an actor, she does a lot of activist work and is a philanthropist. She cares about people and such actors are worth following. Her tweets encourage us to donate and think about Charity work. She should be followed because she is an excellent actress and she reminds all of us that everyone needs help, no matter who you are. If we have the resources, we should help one another without a second thought.

Jonathan Ross Twitter6) Jonathan Ross: Your Timeline would be boring without the ever controversial Jonathan Ross. He is a man who talks before he thinks, but we all need that sometimes. If you want to see some controversial tweets from someone who really couldn’t care less about what he said most of the time, then follow Jonathan Ross.

Shonda Rhimes Twitter7) Shonda Rhimes: Shona Rhimes is best known as the creator, head writer, and executive producer of acclaimed television series Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Private Practice. Don’t just give her a follow because of what you have just read in the above paragraph; give her a follow because she is a kind inspiration to all writers out there. Her tweets are extremely encouraging! She will introduce you to interesting shows through her tweets. If you like television serials and soaps, follow Shonda Rhimes.

BBC news Twitter8) BBC Breaking News: According to a News Watch Article in 2004 about BBC News, The Article states; ‘BBC News is the world’s largest broadcast news organisation which generates about 120 hours of radio and television output each day, as well as online news coverage and correspondents in almost all of the world’s 240 countries.’ Therefore, If you are looking for a News Channel to follow on twitter, I recommend BBC News be your first option. A fact about Twitter is that Tweets travel faster than television. As soon as a news story comes out, it is tweeted before there is enough time to organise the story for Broadcast. So give BBC News a follow.

Marcia Cross Twitter9) Marcia Cross: She is best known as Bree Van De Camp on Desperate Housewives. Besides being an actor, she is a bubbly person to have on your timeline and she loves to chat with her followers. So if you are looking for that warm, simple celebrity whose tweets will bring a smile to your face, follow Marcia Cross. Did I mention that she has two adorable daughters?

Simon Cowel Twitter10) Simon Cowell: The last person worth a follow in this top 10 list is Media Mogul Simon Cowell. He comes across as a mean person with no emotions. One thing about him is that he is damn right honest and frank. However, he is pleasant on twitter. (Shocked?). Simon has proved that he can be human on Twitter so why not follow Simon Cowell and experience his pleasant side. You might not dislike him as much as you think!