Zoë Waugh from ReVerbed discusses their music

I’m going to avoid all the clichés of female fronted bands, there will be no comparisons to Paramore or We Are The In Crowd here.

I’m going to avoid all the clichés of female fronted bands, there will be no comparisons to Paramore or We Are The In Crowd here. Keep those opinions to yourself and simply listen and enjoy some new music! 
ReVerbed are a fairly young band, but they are building a strong fan base and keeping up a heavy performance schedule, claiming over 200 gigs in the last 18 months. They’ve headlined the Sheffield 02 Academy, appeared at festivals, and received nominations from the likes of Kerrang and NME. 
They released a nine track mini-album last November along with a few YouTube music videos, and it is certainly well worth a listen. The vocal play between Zoë and George brings a deeper dimension to their music, with a strong instrumental backing. Their sound floats between gentle pop melodies, to some heavier riffage that takes them a step further. 
Title track “The Machine” is undoubtedly one of the stand-out tracks from the album, but the distorted tones of “A Nice Day in Hell” and “Uncommonwealth” are right up my street. The Machine finishes on a high note, with “Pieces,” a nice and simple easy-listen with sing-along harmonies. 
Kettle got in touch with vocalist Zoë Waugh to find out more about the band and here’s what she had to say:  
How would you describe your music to new listeners? 
We describe our genre as aggressive UK pop punk. Our version of pop punk is reminiscent of bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Rise Against which is a bit different to modern day pop punk, heavier riffs but with still catchy poppy melodies. 
Who are your personal influences? 
Between us we have so many different influences. Everything from The Beatles to Architects to Eminem. However as a band we often collectively listen to Rise Against, Taking Back Sunday, Biffy Clyro and Blink-182.
What is the best show you’ve played and why? 
Very tough question, but probably the last date of our French tour last summer. The crowd were so enthusiastic; they all bought merch and were so hospitable and kind to us. The whole tour was just so much fun. 
What were your goals when starting the band, and have these changed over time?
Obviously the big dream that most bands have, world tours and playing festivals, we cannot lie about that, it would be awesome. The main thing we wanted though is to still be a family and still enjoy ourselves, which we undoubtedly do. 
Which is the most distinctive feature that makes you stand out from other bands? 
I think it’s our new image, the shirt & tie is a contrast to our aggressive and energetic performances live. Also we have dual lead male and female vocals which set us apart slightly from other bands in our genre. 
If you could play as part of any line-up, who would it be and why? 
Another tough question but we all grew listening to Blink-182 and are big fans of their music, so to be amongst those guys would be awesome. 
You can learn more about Reverbed by visiting their web site and their pages on Facebook and Twitter.
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