Women have talent too dontchya know!

Females rule the world! OK, that was a bit much, but women are certainly taking over the world of rock. For years men have dominated the genre that once boasted Joan Jett and Courtney Love as it’s female powerhouses. In more recent times, we have seen Paramore and Evanescence fly the flag, holding a lonely vigil for female fronted rock bands all over the world. Stamping originality and fiestiness within a mix of testosterone, they paved the way for a new generation of talented rock stars that have stamped their authority all over the world of music. Tonight Alive, The Marmozets, The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm, to name but a few have become hugely successful, as ticket sales will tell you. What do they have in common? 


A pleasure to watch

Their pioneering front woman of course! Those that are cynical would suggest that they are simply there for aesthetics. Those that take the time to listen to their music will know, they make the record happen. If you ever have the opportunity to catch any of these bands live, you will understand how vital they are to the group. I have had the pleasure of watching all of the above play. Not only do they command the stage, they reach out to the audience, dare to get out their guitars and put on an incredible show. All of which write and play their own songs. Talented women. 

With having so many woman in rock music, it opens the genre up to a group of people that may not necessarily listen to it. Being able to relate or respond to a member of the band is vital in continued fandom. When I was recently at The Pretty Reckless, chants of ‘TAYLOR’ resonated around the academy, there were groups of girls everywhere ready to catch a glimpse. A simililar situation for Tonight Alive, a chorus of ‘JENNA’ could be heard. Whether others see this as a good thing is neither here nor there, but that’s more people buying records and buying tickets, keeping it alive. I would also like to add that these headline shows were sold out. The Marmozets are touring in America and Halestorm have supported the likes of Alterbridge and Shinedown. 



What these bands have done extends beyond putting on amazing shows, selling records and reaching out to fans. They have opened the way for up and comers such as Orchard Hill and As December Falls, to find success in the industry. So bravo ladies, and keep up the good work.