Why You Really Need to See NYC Before You Die

Written by Harriet Morgan

In the wise words of Frankie (Sinatra), New York is what I wanted to be a part of for a very long time. Why?

In the wise words of Frankie (Sinatra), New York is what I wanted to be a part of for a very long time. Why? Because at heart, I am little bit of a hopeless romantic, wannabe fashionista and passionate foodie. Gossip Girl, enshrined in all of us that this exactly what the city that never sleeps, the big apple had in store for us.

And did it? Yes, unfortunately—maybe not as lavish as Serena and Blair’s lifestyle, but certainly a snippet of it all.

Rom-Com and Rockefeller

At first, the streets, avenues, subway and hailing like a loon for cabs was a little different to say the least, but once you got it was just part of the fun. The basketball games were a whole new sporting experience of anger and determination, portraying the win at all costs ethos of America. Central Park was like walking through a Rom-Com and the Rockefeller Centre the same, despite how awful I was (goodbye Dancing on Ice). And the Empire State Building view by night, and the Statue of Liberty at sunset was indescribable. One of a kind, and views I will never, ever forget.

Why should we visit besides trying to make our dreams of being chased down the street by Nathaniel Archibald come true and whipping up all the food on offer? Because it’s a cultural experience. I’m not saying it is cultural in terms of riding an elephant like you could in India, but more that it is so different to any other city I have ever ventured too. Paris is architecturally beautiful, Rome is wonderful historically and Prague is the best of both worlds.

One of a kind

But New York is one of a kind. The sectioned streets that offer you something different down every little avenue demonstrate the sheer diversity, which is what I look for in a city, somewhere to take your boredom away at any given time. After all, we get away because we’re not content with the surroundings currently being experienced by our fine selves.

Before, I was always confused how the new ‘hipster rap rock pop electronica’ band could be playing in the basement of some club, yet the Fashion Week could be happening in the lavish ornate building and the financial future of America taking place in Wall Street at one time, in one place.

Cooler in America

Yes, you have this in London, but it always seemed so much cooler in America. This to me was why it was so confusing I think, because I could not understand how. Is it the accent? Is it the country? Or is it just the fact it is so commercialised that you feel like you’re engrossed in an advert anywhere you turn which makes you feel special?

Still, I am not sure I can really answer that question as to why it is like the above. I recommend it should go on your list of things to before you die though. Yes, it is a long flight, but once you are there you’re so busy that tiredness cannot hit you until you shut your eyes on your hotel bed.

I asked my friend who lives there in a pent house suite with his photographer Father (jealous?!) once this exact question. Likewise, as a guy and citizen he could not explain to me why. He attempted, but failed. I think it is a place you have to see and experience for yourself to truly understand why, form your own judgement.

Twenty four seven

Unlike the other cities you may or may not have visited, it suits any mood, any person passionate enough to be engrossed in the twenty four seven living. Thinking about it, I think that the fact I cannot pinpoint one reason why it is worthwhile demonstrates its ability to be for everyone, whereas the other cities with their distinct qualities may be better suited to one kind.  

Who knows—I felt I should start spreading the news for Frankie boy.

What do you think? Have you been to New York? What’s your advice for anyone looking to go? Have your say in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter.