A lad’s holiday proves to be a couple’s dilemma

So the exams are finished, library books returned and your return home from another year of relatively hard studying is done and what awaits?

So the exams are finished, library books returned and your return home from another year of relatively hard studying is done and what awaits? For many it’ll be a holiday and for some that might be provide a dilemma!

For many, a LAD’s Holiday will be on the cards in the next few weeks and those horrible vests are without doubt rapidly being bought. But what about if you’re going on a LAD’s Holiday and leaving your other half at home? I’m in that dilemma and it would be fair to say my girlfriend isn’t too pleased.

Yet it all comes down to how you define a lad’s holiday. To me, a guy in a happy and stable relationship, a lad’s holiday is nothing more than a week away with my mates and a boat load of booze.  However to my mates, single and wearing to go, I can see they might add a bit of female company to the equation, which is fine but if only my girlfriend could see their definition doesn’t match mine.

But the moment I uttered the words ‘Zante,’ the stereotype of irresponsible drinking and frequent promiscuity has been at the forefront of her mind but has she got a point? It’s a tricky one, and one that we’re still having discussions about with a week to go before I board the plane to Zante.

Personally, I don’t think so but I can see to a certain extent where she is coming from—the programmes such as Sex, Sun and Suspicious Parents  and What Happens in Kavos’ haven’t helped her imagination but at the end of the day, trust should void all the worry.

For me, other circumstances have heightened the problem such as I forgot her best friend’s birthday party as I was signing up the holiday and that mistake by me, has without doubt made this a bigger issue than it actually it is. So that would lead to the first tip to this dilemma—check the important dates. I’ve also had to miss a Bon Jovi concert!

But the biggest tip, the fundamental rule is simple—don’t cheat on your other half.  If the holiday fits the stereotype then the opportunity to pull will no doubt present itself but if, like me, you’re simply going for the craic with your mates then temptation to cheat should never arise.  If you can stick by that (and it should be easy if you’re genuinely committed) then there is no reason why you can’t enjoy your holiday and make it back without stories, bites or photos to hide.

And the final tip? Be careful, enjoy yourself and don’t let this issue spoil the holiday! At the end of the day, if you can trust yourself then there is nothing to worry about and when you return, maybe don’t harp on about it too much!

Why? Because there is a good chance your missus doesn’t want to hear about it! And maybe treat her to a weekend away to get back in her good books.

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