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Why Manchester Needs A Michelin Star Restaurant

Manchester, the most visited city in England outside of London, and the third most visited by foreigners in the United Kingdom, only ahead by London and Edinburgh.

Manchester is a great and wonderful city that has nearly everything that is needed to make a city world famous. The bar and clubs are a plenty, the culture is all there to be seen – the world class museums, galleries, theatres and libraries, the sport within the city is phenomenal – two premier league winning football teams, one Rugby union premier league champion and Lancashire County Cricket club, who have won a number of achievements.

We pretty much have it all here, in Manchester. Apart from one thing, that would bring the city to dizzy new heights, a Michelin star restaurant.

Quality restaurants, but lack of recognition

For those of you who don’t know, a Michelin star is an award for outstanding culinary skills and great atmosphere within the establishment, which is awarded.

Manchester haven’t always lacked Michelin star quality, in fact, ‘The French’ restaurant in a city centre Manchester hotel, The Midlands, was one of the first in the UK to be awarded the highly sought after award. And, in my opinion, The French is one of only a handful of restaurants capable of bringing the Michelin star back to Manchester.

Recently, the Michelin stared chef, Simon Rogan, took charge of the restaurants within the Midlands hotel, his aim is to bring culinary pride back to Manchester in the shape of a Michelin star.

He’s already achieving notice with The French, when the Michelin guide came out in September of this year, The French narrowly missed out, but in the Good Food Guide, The French were awarded the 12th best restaurant nationwide, that’s quite an achievement, considering how short of time the newly refurbished restaurant has been in operation.

Manchester: Home of globally renowned cuisine

Another restaurant that could be in with a chance of bringing a Michelin star to Manchester is Manchester House, with another Michelin starred chef at the helm, in the shape of Aiden Byrne.

Manchester House describes itself `as a restaurant with fine cooking served in an informal, fun and funky way.’

It’s already sounding like a Michelin star restaurant to me.

After years of being quiet on the food map of the world, it looks like Manchester is finally stepping up to the plate. When the next Michelin stars are announced, in September 2014, don’t be surprised to see a Manchester restaurant sitting pretty. 

What do you think? Can Manchester’s restaurants obtain Michelin stars? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.