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Who is the King of Showmance – America or the UK?

Gone are the days of Cilla Black presenting blind date, but now we have a plethora of reality dating shows on our TV’s to occupy our time with. But who is on top when it comes to showmance? America or the UK?

Here in the UK we have two types of dating shows. The big brother, stuck in the same place for weeks type of show, and the comedy dating game show. All of which have been big hits on our main TV channels – usually ITV.

Take Me Out

‘Blind Date’ will always be a classic, but now with a new take on comedy game show dating we have Take Me Out, hosted by Paddy McGuiness. With the girls in charge of who they want to date and a host with bucket full of terrible jokes, what more could you want from your Saturday night TV?

Ex on the Beach

With Ex on the Beach about to start again next month, and Love Island finishing this week, we know that with Summer TV comes the week long dating games. Whether its arguments, friendships, back stabbing or sex; we can’t seem to get enough of watching people take part in reality TV during the summer months.

But when summer disappears and we don’t have Take Me Out to catch up on, we are always able to switch over to our friends from across the pond.

The US has similar shows to us, and even takes on an American version of our favourites.

The Bachelorette & Beauty and the Geek

The Bachelorette and Beauty and the Geek are America’s reality big brother style shows that tend to involve love and a cash prize. But it’s not just love that America lusts for on their TV, but everything else that comes with it.

American romance TV

Catfish and 90 Day fiancé, are just a few of the different ‘romance’ TV shows America produces each year. They follow the stories of heartbreak, deception, and the struggle relationships can face on a day to day basis.

Reality TV is easy and usually cheap to make unlike Dramas, and the more we watch them, the more TV companies are going to push them out there.

But the question still lies, who the King of showmance? America with their diversity of shows, or the UK with Paddy McGuiness and our big brother romance summer shows?

Considering the majority of ‘showmance’ couples never stay together long after these shows end maybe nobody is the King of ‘showmance’. There have been five couples from The Bachelor who have stayed together. But with ‘Marriage at first sight’ being slated by viewers and the press maybe all reality romances are doomed and neither the UK or the US have managed to master the art of showmance and match making.

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