Which UK locations are the best base for your business?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

If you are looking for the perfect UK location to set up your business, then there are certainly no shortage of fantastic locations that have plenty to offer. Starting a new business or even moving your existing business to a new location is never easy but there are some points that you will want to take into consideration when comparing any possible locations.

Transport links

In order to work well as a base for any thriving business, it is really important to consider how accessible your potential locations are. Good transport links are essential. You want to ensure that your employees are easily able to get to work and that suppliers and clients can reach you too. Ample parking can also be very useful however if there is not as much parking as you would like then consider the local transport links, is the location serviced by plenty of trains and buses? Some employees actually prefer to travel to work on public transport as it can be less stressful than getting stuck in traffic. Good rail and bus links as well as being close to a motorway or other major road can make a location really worth considering. If you are likely to take business trips then you may even find being close to an airport an important factor.

Modern office spaces

Spacious modern office space is also a very attractive and important consideration when considering somewhere to create a base for your business. There is urban regeneration taking place in a huge number of towns and cities all over the UK. These modern renovated offices boast a wide variety of facilities that make them a very good choice with any company, large or small. So let’s look at some options you could consider for your business.


Ideally situated in the heart of the North West, Manchester is the second most popular UK destination for graduates, which makes it a great place for any modern company looking for a vibrant well-educated workforce. It is also the leading regional city in the UK for attracting direct foreign investment. With a fantastic university infrastructure in place and a significant number of world-renowned and well-established companies, Manchester is already identified as a key city for business, and the government proposal for a Northern Powerhouse suggests that there will be further significant investment in the area in the near future.


When it comes to locations that should be on your list to consider, Bristol is a very worthy candidate. Bristol has a reputation for being an ideal location for any company looking for a highly skilled workforce. Over half the population of Bristol and the surrounding area is made up of individuals who are educated to degree level or above. Bristol is home to a very diverse business sector, including aerospace and advanced engineering, media, finance and high tech – it is also recognised as one of the biggest digital tech clusters outside London. It is very accessible by both public transport and the motorway network and is also serviced by its own small airport.


When it comes to business locations that offer everything that any company could possibly want Derby might not be high on everyone’s list, but it should be. RTC business park in Derby is the perfect example of an excellent business base that offers all of the facilities that any company could need; modern spacious office and contemporary commercial spaces, open green spaces, ample parking, 24-hour security and other services including onsite catering. Derby has a good-sized rail station, is conveniently located near the M1 and a number of other major roads as well, making it a very accessible location. It is also home to a young and vibrant workforce as well as a number of top tech companies.

Wherever you choose to site your business, make sure that you thoroughly research the area, the terms of your lease and your options for growth so that you don’t have to make that move more than once.