How much does it cost to get started with grassroots sports?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Playing a sport even at a beginner level can bring many benefits. Sports are obviously an excellent form of exercise but they can also be good for your mental health, allow you to socialise and can help to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Here is a look at the cost of getting started with a few of the most popular sports in the UK.


Football is the most popular sport in this country and one which is popular with both men and women of all ages. Due to its popularity, it is very easy to get started as there are so many clubs and pitches along with low equipment costs. In order to get started, you simply need a pair of football boots, shin pads and suitable clothing all of which you can easily find for less than £50 but also spend much more if you want. It is then a case of finding a community or joining a club (which often has membership fees which can vary greatly).


Rugby is another popular sport in this country and similar to football in that it is easy to find clubs and community rugby programmes. The equipment costs are similar as you will need rugby boots and a mouthguard along with a suitable top, shorts and socks – due to the physical nature of the sport, keep in mind that clothing can easily become damaged so you may need a few different outfits.


Cricket costs can be higher because there is more equipment needed. This will include pads, a box, a helmet, cricket shoes, gloves and a bat – places like Talent Cricket are the best place to find high-quality items at affordable prices. You may also need to join a club which can cost £100 upwards annually but often they will prove a lot of the equipment for you.


A tennis racket is, of course, an essential for this sport which can cost as little as £10 but you may want to spend a little more on something better. This will be all that you need to start playing on public courts but if you want to join a club then you will want extras like tennis shoes and a bag and tennis club membership usually costs £150 upwards but will depend on the area and facilities.

These are the most popular sports in the UK and as you can see the amount of money it costs to start playing can vary drastically. It is a good idea to try and play for free or as cheaply as possible a few times before signing up to a club so that you can see if it is the right sport for you.