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Which Gavin & Stacey character is your degree?

Written by Leah Benthin

It’s the classic British comedy that we all know and love, but which character most fits your degree subject? Read on to find out!

Journalism – Nessa

Brash, bold, daring and a little bit nuts.

Media Studies – Smithy

Joker, bit of a drop out, eats too much, but an amazing mate.

Business Studies – Gavin

Straight to the point, a bit stiff, never sees the funny side of the joke.

Fine Art – Stacey

Boring, whiney and pretty much completely irrelevant; could do without.

Events Management – Bryn

Easily pleased, simple, but a complete legend.

Nursing – Gwen

Polite, caring and acts as a mother to everyone.

Dance – Pam

Drama queen, diva and all-round superstar.

English – Mick

The sensible one, useful to have.

Psychology – Dave Coaches

Holds all your deepest darkest secrets, bit of a threat.

History – Doris

Feisty and secretly kinky (it’s always the quiet ones).