What can be done to stop corporate paedophilia

Written by linemelanie

Until recently, the term ‘Corporate paedophilia’ was unheard of to me.

Until recently, the term ‘Corporate paedophilia’ was unheard of to me. A recent video from ABC News introduced me to this concept that is frighteningly taking over the younger generation.

I am only 20 years old so to many people I am still part of “that young generation.” However, I feel that I have slowly made that transition between adolescence to adulthood which has given me a different perspective on the current younger generation.

What is “corporate paedophilia?”

The ABC News story shared an on growing concern of many parents and even people like me, who have younger siblings. The term “corporate paedophilia” refers to the current trend of young teens, and even tweens (between 8 and 12 years old) dressing in a sexualized, grown up way.

It is no surprise that the media influences people. Perhaps you want to copy your favourite celebrity’s haircut or maybe you like their fashion sense, but the idea behind “corporate paedophilia” is that the media and young celebrity stars of today are portraying an image where it makes it seem that it is ok for young girls to be dressed in tight, short fitting clothes and very revealing outfits that are not approved by their parents.

It is understandable that parents can sometimes be “old school” and may not understand the newest trends; but one thing I think we can all agree is that having a 12 year old dressed in lingerie like clothes and shorts that show their butt cheeks is far from appropriate.

A disturbing and sad reality

If we look at TV shows, magazines, advertisement and other forms of media, young girls in their teens look like full grown up women. I am constantly shocked when I Google a model or singer I like and discover she is just 15.

Large clothing corporations make billions every year from teen buyers. They use young celebrity and models to “lure them in” and give off the idea that they too can look like their celebrity idol if they buy their clothes.

A parent’s responsibility

This is the time when parents have to step in and set a line of what is appropriate for their child. At the same time that teens should be allowed some freedom and the ability to make certain choices, parents also have to set a limit.

I am not a parent but I find myself being incredibly over protective with my 15 year old sister because the last thing I want is for a pervert to look at her like a “hot piece of meat.”

A far-fetched reality

The media often portrays a glamorized idea of what adulthood is which influences kids and teens into wanting to be part of this “glamorous world.” Businesses then take advantage of these kids that are trying to find their identity and intensify this misconception created by the media. It is a worrying cycle and I am sure that many of these CEOs behind large corporations are parents and I doubt they would want their young children to be looked at in a sexual manner.

I guess in the end it comes down to young people realizing that grown up life is not so glamorous as it looks and you should just enjoy every aspect of your youth while you can, and remember to do so dressing appropriately.

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