How to make a tattoo work in current styles

As the current ‘It’ girl and model of the moment, you’ll probably all have heard of Miss Cara Delevingne’s somewhat, erm, questionable ‘Made in England’ tattoo o

As the current ‘It’ girl and model of the moment, you’ll probably all have heard of Miss Cara Delevingne’s somewhat, erm, questionable ‘Made in England’ tattoo on the sole of her foot. Just like Woody in Toy Story she’s taken a big old step in brandishing her identity to the world. 

Yet unlike Woody she won’t be able to get it painted over by an evil Toy collector, and much like the ‘Made in China’ ornament on your Grandma’s shelf, this tattoo is pretty much there for the duration, whether you like it or not.

Tattoos are having a bit of a moment

Tattoos, much like Miss Delevingne herself, are having a bit of a moment. From Rihanna’s giant wings under her boobs, to Kristen Stewart’s teeny tiny wrist tattoo (what it really is, we’ll never know). But that’s the thing about trends, for celebrities and normals alike, this tattoo fashion will soon be over, and then where does it leave the permanently inked?

Before Rih-Rih’s wings tattoo she took a much wiser step; the white tattoo. Just as painful (sorry) but they fade after time, becoming almost invisible. Obviously, do your research prior to jumping head first into a tattoo parlour, but with the right design white tattoos can be a pretty classy alternative, and much less intense.

The white ink trend might be faltering – but so what? After a couple of years you won’t even notice it.

Trends can be short lived

Trends in tattoos can be just as short lived as clothing trends – who wears dessert boots anymore? Anchors, owls and crosses have all had their moment in the spotlight, but unlike the camo jacket you’ve hidden at the back of your wardrobe, there’s no hiding the owl on your wrist to future employers. Ignoring the trends might go against everything you believe in, but in 20 years, you can’t sell your tattoo on eBay and label it ‘vintage’.

If your tattoo craving must go answered opt for something totally different – don’t follow celebrity designs and do not, I repeat do not, get the same anchor design you spotted on the girl in your seminar.

The current fashion for tattoos can work

Song lyrics can be pretty cheesy too, however with a bit of thought they can be passable.  It’s ok (if not a tad egotistical) for Demi Lovato to get her own lyrics inked on her back, a way to remember her ever fading time in spotlight. Yet One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s cup of tea tattoo vaguely referencing a song lyric he didn’t even write … slightly less passable in my humble opinion.

The current fashion for tattoos can work. With a lot of thought and a lot of research a tattoo can be a great way of self-expression. Yet a lot of girls in the haze of ‘just turned 18’ seem to forget this is a very permanent way of self-expression.

There’s no erasing the cross on your ankle when you’re sick and tired of it, and Bieber might be able to afford to laser off the owl on his arm, but chances are you won’t. 

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