Warning: Your man bun could make you go bald!

Whether you like it or not the man bun is a trend which is not going anywhere fast. Hipsters up and down the country are sporting one, male models are flicking their ponytails down the catwalk and the celeb scene is franticly catching on. (Just take a look at TOWIE.)

So if you’ve taken the time to grow your hair long enough to be able to throw it up in a gloriously thick messy bun, you might want to take the warning I have for you seriously. Leaving your hair in a tight bun or ponytail day in day out can actually cause traction alopecia. In other words, you can go bald!

Janis Levy, Creative Director of hair loss specialists Hair Development said:

“Vigorous combing or brushing and tight hairstyles are the main causes of traction alopecia. Sufferers will notice a receding hairline and wider partings at first, but prolonged tension can cause permanent hair loss. We want to raise awareness of the origins and effects of traction alopecia as there is very little information out there – most people simply don’t realise that their everyday hairstyle may be putting them at risk.”

Women don’t get out of this one either. Tight ponytails, braids, cornrows and even badly applied extensions can also create tension on the scalp and leave you with lasting bad results. Any permanent hair extensions should be fitted by a reputable company to make sure they follow all the relevant ethical procedures. It might be tempting to take shortcuts to save money, but is it really worth it when there’s a possible bald patch at the end?


Now I’m not saying we should say goodbye to the man bun completely. Personally I’m 100% a fan, but the right maintenance and care for your hair is a must if you want to keep it up every day. 

Top man bun tips

  • Regularly take your hair down and massage your scalp. This will work wonders for any tension it could be under and will also reduce headaches and general stress.
  • Don’t tie it so tightly! Your hairband doesn’t need to be cutting off circulation to secure your hair for long periods of time. Try a looser look, it might actually look better keeping it messy.
  • Not going out? Have a bad hair day! Wearing your hair down for a day will significantly help with the growth and general healthiness of your roots and scalp.
  • Don’t go to bed with your hair up! Give it some space to breathe whilst you nod off.

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