Get back your summer glow with PHD’s Never Miss A Spot Self Tanner

Autumn is a beautiful month, but that doesn’t mean we need to be crazy excited about it arriving so soon. We spend so many months trying to develop that perfect tan, it seems a shame to just let it fade away. 

Self-tanning is the perfect way to hold on to that summer glow for as long as possible. I’ve never been a fan of the orange look and find a more natural tan is so much more flattering, especially around this time of year. Here steps in PHD’s Never Miss A Spot Self Tanner – this is a seriously clever bottle of self-tan.

Renate O'Connor, Kettle Mag, PHD Tan Review, Image: Sparkle PR

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to self-tanning, you’ll get fed up very quickly of having to make sure you’ve applied an even amount, there’s no streaks on the back of your legs… And of course, asking for help rubbing in your back. Well, as the name would suggest, Never Miss A Spot makes all these problems disappear! The long, thin nozzle makes applying the lightweight spray a breeze, even to tricky backs and legs.

I’ve never used a mist before and always tend to head more towards instant tan, so getting used to this product took a couple tries. I used the light version as I have a seriously pale complexion, but there’s also medium and dark to better suit everyone. Saying that, I found a couple applications of the light was more than dark enough for me. So if you’re after a more natural look, definitely don’t assume because you don’t see instant results it hasn’t worked. I found this out the hard way!

Once I’d got used to it and my arm stopped looking like a tangerine… it really did create a wonderfully even tan, which lasted for me for up to two weeks. My favourite part about the application process however was the wonderfully fresh coconut smell the spray created. It made my whole flat smell amazing! The PHD Brothers developed this formula with help from New York University scientists and discovered that adding coconut water to other key ingredients, virtually eliminated the smell often associated with traditional self-tanners. Sadly, after a few hours it did go back to that familiar fake tan smell you’d be used to if you were a frequent tanner, although it was a lot less noticeable.

The quick-drying EtheraMist technology2 also cares for your skin as it colours, with chamomile extract and aloe leaf juice working to deliver realistic, long lasting, no-streak results. My skin felt softer and certainly looked healthier with a nice natural glow to it. But don’t just take my word for it, I’m in no way Never Miss A Spot’s only fan with it selling out in the US in just 9 minutes! Its also a favourite amongst many celebs, with Millie Mackintosh taking to her Instagram to show us her results…


So why not make like Millie and head down to Boots to get yours. Available at £19.99, it’s cheaper than a spray tan with ultimately the same results! Plus if you order yours online you’ll receive a Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask Deluxe sample completely free* alongside it.

*while offers last