VMAs: Miley Cyrus wasn’t really that shocking

Facebook, Twitter and even the mainstream media can’t stop talking about Miley Cyrus’s raunchy performance at this year’s VMAs.

Facebook, Twitter and even the mainstream media can’t stop talking about Miley Cyrus’s raunchy performance at this year’s VMAs. Even the inventor of the foam finger is out to get her for “degrading” the iconic novelty item.

But was Miley really that shocking? Here we compare Miley to other former child stars gone wild and see how they compare.

Miley vs. Britney

Ah Britney Spears—the original Disney Channel star gone awry. Miley and Britney certainly have a few things in common. The former provided this year’s VMA train wreck moment—the latter performed with a live snake in 2001 and made out with Madonna and Christina Aguilera in 2003 at the same event. Britney infamously shaved off all her hair in 2007—Miley’s traded in her flowing brown locks for a super short blonde style.

But otherwise, Miley is still saintly compared to the queen of the child star rebels. Britney’s Vegas wedding to childhood friend, Jason Alexander in 2004 lasted only 55 hours; she has been in rehab for drug related incidents and lost custody of her children in 2007.

Miley vs. Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan has also worked with Disney on a number of hit movies, such as The Parent Trap and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. It was in 2006 that the former Girl of the Moment commenced her downwards spiral, attending meetings at Alcoholics Anonymous. Then came the string of Driving under the Influence offenses, followed by being charged by the theft of a necklace.

Lindsay has spent various periods in jail for her misdemeanours and her numerous mug shots map her deterioration. So far, Miley’s criminal history is clean, although she has admitted to smoking weed.

Miley vs. Amanda

Amanda Bynes is an apt comparison for Miley as she, too, starred in her own TV show in her teens although she has never had a singing career. While being a prolific figure for young people in the early 2000s, Amanda slipped off the radar by the end of the decade. That was until 2012 when she amassed a collection of driving offenses. Then in 2013 her behaviour got really weird. Amanda was hospitalised due to fears for her mental health, after she allegedly set fire to herself in a neighbour’s driveway. Then she began on a string of plastic surgery and a Twitter tirade against seemingly random celebrities.

Miley may have lost her class but at least she still has her sanity.

Miley vs. Taylor

Right now you’re probably thinking, “How can you compare Miley to Taylor? Taylor is the sweet girl next door!”

Erm, no. She’s not.

Taylor has been linked romantically to Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles and has recently been seen spending a lot of time with Ed Sheeran. Meanwhile, Miley has been with actor Liam Hempsworth since 2009 and they got engaged last year. Let’s hope her provocative behaviour hasn’t jeopardised the relationship.

So how does Miley compare?

Really, as former childhood stars go, Miley is pretty tame. Her performance may have been distasteful and her new look unbecoming but if engaging in a bit of twerking is as bad as she gets, she’s no worse than the likes of Rihanna and other provocative pop stars.

Other child stars have gone decidedly ‘off the rails’ whereas Miley’s antics seem to be more of a clever publicity ploy: her VMA performance achieved 4.5 million mentions.

However, let us hope this isn’t the start of a whole new era of wild for the former Hannah Montana.

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