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Video: Liverpool metropolitan cathedral hosts Gin Festival

Written by Lauren Wise

The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral played host to the countries’ biggest festival for gin drinkers in December.

Gin Festival, famous for bringing over one hundred of craft gins to locations all over the UK, returned to the city for a third year, this time to a location that isn’t exactly synonymous with craft gin.

Luten’s Crypt in the Metropolitan Cathedral opened its doors to Gin Festival along with Liverpool’s gin drinkers, giving a new meaning to the phrase divine intervention.

And if you were thinking of dabbling in the art of craft gin distillery yourself, you’ve come to the right place as it’s not just gin drinkers who are welcomed at the festival.

Event manager for Gin Festival, Ben Edwards, said:

“Where we come in and help we educate customers. We educate potential entrepreneurs who want to make their own gins as well and then next thing they come knocking a year later and want to be here.”

Gin Festival, founded by husband and wife Jym and Marie Harris in 2013, have special ties with Liverpool, making their trip to the city that extra bit special.

Ben said: “We get a great response from the people of Liverpool.

“They love their gin, they love what we do here at Gin Festival.

“It’s a real close to home for our staff, the majority of the staff that helped us get kickstarted were all from the north and a lot of the guys, ‘The Scouse Contingent’, as we call them have really shone through.”

He added: “They really get on with the customers and that’s probably why we love coming back so much.”

You can see the entire interview with Ben, complete with some shots of the Metropolitan Cathedral in the video below.