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Valentine’s Day? Ugh – no way!

As February 14th looms again like the misty, grey cloud that it is, I again wonder what it is about that insignificant date that transforms even the most unfeeling couples into swooning monsters, and what continues to remind the singletons of the world that their lives are for some reason inferior and ever-dismal compared to those of the coupley kind – not true, of course!

All of a sudden the colours red and pink dominate our surroundings and, once again, the cinema releases an oh-so typical rom-com sure to throw any non-waterproof mascara companies out of business, and into the bins among the already discarded, barely read Valentine’s cards. Perhaps this year’s Fifty Shades of Grey will be a more life-like breath of fresh air to our screens… Well, not for everyone I suppose.

Unnecessary spending

What gets me most is this: who really wants to spend unnecessary cash? Surely birthdays and Christmas are bad enough bank-busters without having the additional pressure of buying prezzies for, I don’t know, the anniversary of the day your eyes first met, or the celebration of her not missing her period this month…  And other crappy, superficial occasions.

Businesses must produce millions from the crazy bunch of ‘romantics’ that go to the furthest extremes for their loved ones. Or, more realistically, the stranger that they’ve been ‘meaning to talk to’ and now hope to woo over with some magical Feb 14th pixie dust.

I mean seriously, if you really cared, surely one day in 365 is a bit of a slack in the dedication department, don’t you think?

Are single people the winners on Valentine’s Day?

So perhaps in that area of things, singles are in fact the winners; no stress, no pressure, no worries! And let’s face it, there’s absolutely no shame in a cheeky Chinese snuggled under a blanket with your bestie – my girl-friends have been my Valentine’s many, many, many… Okay, every time!

And although I always thought I would understand the sensation more once I too had entered into a serious, long-term relationship, instead I just became increasingly aware of its ridiculousness – there’s only so many times you can read lengthy, and very public, essays on social media sites about someone’s unconditional love for their partner before you begin to switch off. Or throw up.  

I don’t know, it might just be the type of girl that I am (slightly boyish, wild, difficult to understand, mentally preoccupied etc.) but I’m just not particularly bowled over by the idea of a box of chocolate bigger than my living room, or a rose that will surely flop the following morning.

I would much rather get in my PJs, cuddle up and wake up on February 15th knowing the world is still spinning, I’m still living, and my boyfriend loves me just the same even after the 14th has been and gone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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