Uni staff to international student: “I hope you get deported”

An international student was told by her own university’s staff that they would like to see her deported, Kettle has learned.

An international student was told by her own university’s staff that they would like to see her deported, Kettle has learned.

Edinburgh students Hona-Luisa Cohen-Fuentes and Euan Kidsgrove claim they were manhandled by security staff from Edinburgh Uni’s Old College on Tuesday afternoon – unbeknownst to them – where uni Chancellor Princess Anne was shortly to visit.

Security staff blocked the pair from leaving the building, allegedly telling Hona-Luisa “I hope you get deported.”

“Lucky not to have been shot”

Kidston, 21, said that the two of them “escaped” the building, where they were met by police, who searched them in public and then detained them for six hours – they were later told by Royal Protection Officers that they were “lucky not to have been shot.”

In a statement he attacked the university’s heavy handed response: “I’m still in shock. We were quietly studying and had no idea the building was closing. There was no need for violence.”

His study partner, Cohen-Fuentes, 20 and a student association trustee, added: “I was assaulted in a building I assumed to be safe.”

Kidston later added that the Old College is somewhere he would “probably try to avoid in future, [I] would be nervous about going there to have exams in that area – as I have had in the past.”

“Lost for words”

Fellow student association trustee Mike Shaw said he was “lost for words” by the actions of the university’s staff, and branded it a “disgusting breach of trust.”

The students now plan to submit formal complaints to the university, and also Police Scotland.

An Edinburgh University representative said declined the opportunity to comment before publication, saying that they would comment only during office hours. The university’s website states “Security, safety and the well-being of the University community is at the heart of what we do.”

The Princess’ visit passed without further incident, with the Edinburgh city centre police twitter account commenting “Thanks to our friends at Edin Uni Security for assistance, and the odd sly cup of coffee over last two days re Royal visits.”

Princess Anne as Chancellor

Princess Anne was appointed Chancellor of the university in 2011, despite strong opposition from some sections of the student community, including the refusal of the students association to recognise her as chancellor, and even a petition to have her replaced by singer Beyoncé.

Princess Anne, also known as the Princess Royal, is also the Chancellor of the University of London.  Other royals who are chancellors at unis include Prince Charles (University of Wales), the Duchess of Cornwall (Aberdeen), and Prince Edward (Surrey).