Twitter unveils new homepage style

Twitter has introduced a new version of its homepage to users. The new homepage features tweets from celebrities using the platform, as well as current news events.

The new homepage was rolled out to the UK and other countries after it was made available in the United States and Japan, and allows users also to read and access tweets without signing in.

In a post on the social network’s blog, Paul Lambert, a product manager, said this would allow users to fully see stories develop, and allow more access to the service.

“We’re passionate about bringing you the best conversations, news, and stories as they happen around the world,” Lambert wrote. “This is the next step towards that vision.”

Twitter has been trying to figure out new ways to increase the amount of users using the platform, as chief executive Jack Dorsey is trying to stop continued declines in user growth. 320 million people use the social network during the course of the month, according to last available financial data.

Twitter will report its next quarterly earnings next week.