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Sheffield Hallam blackout

Hallam black out
Written by Lucy James

Power cuts caused chaos for Sheffield students today.

It is understood that at around 12pm today, Sheffield Hallam’s city campus experienced a power cut, along with other areas across the city.

The cause of the power cut is currently unknown.

To students’ horror, the power cut lead to students and staff being evacuated from Adsett’s Library.

Thomas, a member of staff at the Library said: ‘’We had to be evacuated because the electrics off and so the fire alarms won’t go off in the case of a fire’’.

Unfortunately for some students, unsaved work was deleted when the computers suddenly shut down. A lot of students took to twitter in a rage. (For some, it was a good reason to procrastinate).

Despite the library having to close, some other parts of the university managed to cope the old-fashioned way.

A holocaust event that took place in the student’s union this afternoon was done by candlelight.

Thankfully, the power cut has ended, however, students are fearing this may be the first of many.