TV OD: The New Show for Those Obsessed With TV

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party and you have been asked to invite your favourite celebrities to join you, well now thanks to Twitter you don’t have to. Well, you can but through the power of the smart phone.
Thanks to technology you can sit and watch TV and create your own Twitter viewing party and it’s this that new TV show, TV OD will be taking advantage of.
Matt Edmondson, self-confessed TV obsessive, will be scrolling through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and TV forums in the brand new ITV2 show. His aim is to find all the weird and wonderful comments the public have made about watching TV and have a good laugh at them.
From Cake Boss to X Factor, we all have those programmes we secretly love to watch but never worry when it comes to tweeting about them. It is those tweets that Matt Edmondson will be looking out for, no matter how funny, strange or angry they are. He will be on the lookout for those tweets that will cause a commotion on TV OD.
I spoke to Edmondson about the upcoming show that is due to be broadcast this June and he said: “Twitter is such a great platform for this show, because of the character limit people feel the need to say exactly what they feel in very little words.” 
As you sit at home and innocently tweet about the character or actors that you see on TV, you might find yourself with a fight on your hands as the Radio 1 presenter will be bringing those celebrities to the show, allowing them the right to reply. 
‘Valid excuse’
So if you’ve tweeted about how cute Joey Essex’s bum looks or how much of a prat Spencer Matthews has been on Made in Chelsea, watch out as these are the sort of tweets which will bring the show to life. TV OD will also feature celebrities confessing their own TV guilty pleasures, so you never know the celebrity guests that feature on the show might just agree or disagree with you. 
In my conversation with Matt, he confessed that his other half gets irritated and tells him off when he’s on Twitter and watching the TV at the same time: “It means I can follow Alan Carr or Lily Allen for example on Twitter and look at what their watching and create humorous discussions about it on social media”.
TV OD is all about having fun and laughing about the shows we love to watch no matter how bad or good they are. Matt will have to dedicate his time to watching a lot of TV every week before each show whilst researching the funny comments that we are tweeting about.
Yes, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it and it sounds like he’ll enjoy it as he explains: “Finally, I have a valid excuse to spend every waking hour watching telly whilst simultaneously surfing the Internet.”
TV OD is hosted by Matt Edmondson and will have an eight week run on ITV2 from June 5th. Will you be watching? Have your say in the comments section below.