Tracy: What’s in my makeup bag?

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Written by Tracylandu

Your make-up bag is your trusty companion. Whether you adapt it for a travel version, it’s all over your bedside table or you’re seriously organised and have it colour co-ordinated blogger style – we all have one. If you’re anything like me, you take it everywhere, you re-stock it constantly and there’s always some hidden treasure at the bottom of it.

But have you ever wondered what everyone else’s looks like? We’ll be delving into our beauty writer’s bags and sharing all their trusty make-up secrets. – Renate O’Connor, Beauty Editor.

Ladies, I’m sure you all have your staple cosmetics that you keep with you constantly on a day-to-day basis. If you’re anything like me and a huge over-worrier then you probably want all your beauty products with you at all times, just in case of emergencies. For the sake of this post I’ve picked out the top products that I use daily to create an enhanced ‘natural beauty’ look and those I think you should use too! To tell you the truth, I’m not the type of girl that does her make-up in the car or on public transport – I love to have my face ‘beat’ right before I leave the house so the basics are already set and I retouch as needed. 


I use the Clinique Even Better SPF15 foundation, shade 13, which is usually £25 but I got it for £20 with a student discount. This is the first ever foundation I’ve purchased and it really does the job! Usually I would just apply a thin layer with my stippling brush from Primark – £2 – daily or just when I want my skin to have a flawless, even look. Stippling brushes are best for liquid foundation if you squeeze a pea-size drop, dab the brush in and apply onto your face. 


Tracy Landu, Kettle Mag, What’s in my makeup bag? Image: Tracy Landu  


My eyes probably receive the most attention (since I don’t contour/highlight much). For my eyebrows I use the Brunette Eyebrow Pencil and Brush from MUA – £1 – to brush my brows and draw the outline. Then I use the Revlon Brush and Brow Mascara – £7.99 – to fill them in. For any blemishes I use the Mac Mineralize Concealer, number NC45 – £17.50 – which blends well with the darker areas under my eyes and I mix that with Toffee L.A Girl Pro Concealer (also sold at afro hair and beauty shops) which I also use to highlight my brows.

To finish off I use Clinique High Impact Mascara and sometimes a nude colour eye shadow from the mini Wear Everywhere Eye Shadow Palette, both of which I received for free in a goody bag from Clinique. I don’t wear eyeliner often as I cringe at things touching my overly sensitive eyes, but I will do on occasion! 

Tracy Landu, Kettle Mag, What’s in my makeup bag? Image: Tracy Landu  



Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t stand dry or non-moisturised lips (or hands!) so I always have a selection of lippies, glosses or balms to wear – from Carmex to Vaseline to a bold red lipstick. My favourites at the moment, though, have to be the Baby Pink Lipstick and Tulip Lipstick from MUA, both at £1 from Superdrug and the Clearly Pink Long-lasting Lip Gloss from Clinique. It gives a gorgeous gloss to your lips and isn’t as bright as a pink lipstick nor as boring as a plain balm. The retail price is £16.50 so it’s pretty lucky that this was a free gift from Clinique! As you can see they’re all pink, which is in fact my favourite colour! 


Tracy Landu, Kettle Mag, What’s in my makeup bag? Image: Tracy Landu  

And ta-da! Here’s my natural make-up look for you! 

Tracy Landu, Kettle Mag, What’s in my makeup bag? Image: Tracy Landu  

How do you achieve your natural look? Let us know in the comments below!