Top five university beauty hacks

Written by chrlgbbs8

Moving away to uni soon? Stressing about what beauty products to take with you? Let’s be honest, you don’t need fifty plus shades of nail polish; they’ll take up what little space you have in your University bedroom, and you’ll end up being so exhausted all the time that you only paint your nails maybe once a month.

Here are a few essential products guaranteed to keep you feeling fab, even in your extremely sleep-deprived state (which will seem permanent, believe me).

1. Concealer

This tends to be an essential in any make-up lover’s bag anyway, but I can’t stress enough how a little concealer can make you feel a million times better, particularly when you’re late to your 9am lecture with no time for full makeup and you’re looking like you have two black eyes! This product doesn’t have to use half your student loan either, cheap concealers can work nicely, leaving you more money for going out! Win!

2. Cucumber eye gel

Or just actual cucumber! Again this is to combat bags under your eyes, which tend to settle themselves onto your face at the latest by the third week of uni. Both the gel and the actual vegetable refresh your eyes too, getting rid of itchiness through being tired.

3. Witch hazel stick

No matter how much you tell yourself that you’re going to cook healthy meals every night, it won’t happen. Someone will say “takeaway” and next thing you know you’ve got empty pizza boxes stacked in your room from the past three days. All that greasy food is not good for your skin, and tends to cause a breakout of pimples. But never fear, Witch hazel is here! As well as eating healthily, (seriously, do it) using a Witch hazel stick can also reduce the swelling of pimples or blemishes.

4. Dry shampoo

You’ll trick yourself into thinking that you’ll get up extra early to wash and style your hair. You won’t. Or you share a bathroom with three others and it’s been in constant use for the past hour and if you don’t leave now you’ll miss the lecture. Dry shampoo is an absolute saviour here. Just a quick spritz of it and you’re good to go! Easy.

5. Face-wipes

Obviously a lot of you will be acquainted with these already, as they’re useful regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, and are usually fairly cheap. They’re great for just whipping out and freshening up your face halfway through the day and to remove any makeup you may wear at the end of it. If you suffer from oily skin and it makes you a little self-conscious like myself then it’s great to have a pack handy in your bag for them long days full of lectures to make you feel refreshed!

So there we have it, five products which make a daily beauty regime at University a lot simpler, and they won’t break the bank!