Top Destinations Linked To William Shakespeare

Although no-one knows the exact date of William Shakespeare’s birth, on April 23rd devotees of the Bard celebrated his 450th birthday. In honour

Although no-one knows the exact date of William Shakespeare’s birth, on April 23rd devotees of the Bard celebrated his 450th birthday. In honour of this momentous occasion, why not remember our pinnacle playwright by visiting some of the destinations associated with the Bard, his life, and his plays.
Whether you want to explore Shakespeare’s home country or travel further afield, Kettle has the ideal locations for your adventure.

Exploring the Home Country

Shakespeare’s birthplace: Stratford-Upon-Avon
The perfect place to start your Bard adventure, this hallowed ground for literature lovers and historians alike is a star attraction. Visit the Tudor-style cottage, furnished as it would have been in Shakespeare’s time and explore the home’s gardens.
Royal Shakespeare Company: Stratford-Upon-Avon
While in Stratford-Upon-Avon a visit to the Royal Shakespeare theatrical company is a must. With theatre tours by day or night this is the main place to see Shakespeare performed, although the company also partakes in national tours.
The Globe Theatre: London
A faithful reconstruction of the original Globe, first built in 1599, this open-air playhouse offers some the best atmosphere and authentic performances. Located on London’s Bankside, this is where Shakespeare penned many of his plays. Visit the grand building, take a tour and soak up some true historical culture.
Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Shottery
A traditional English thatched cottage remains preserved as it was in the childhood of Shakespeare’s future wife. So near to Stratford that you can walk the paths that the Bard himself may have walked when visiting Anne, this is a picturesque location to visit.
Shakespeare’s grave: Stratford-Upon-Avon
If you’re taking the tour of Shakespeare’s life why not end it in his final resting place, The Holy Trinity Church. See for yourself the Bard’s curse laid upon his grave, which reads:
“Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare,
to dig the dust encloased heare,
blese be the man that spares thes stones,
and curst be he that moves my bones.”
Relieve a Famous Scene
Drawing inspiration from around the world, discover the locations of some of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays.
In fair Verona where we lay our scene…” so opens the tale of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. Cry from Juliet’s famous balcony or enjoy a summer performance at the outdoor opera. If lovers tryst isn’t for you, follow the journey of The Two Gentleman of Verona, as it unfolds across the city and on to Milan.
Another romantic destination, Venice appears across Shakespeare plays including The Merchant of Venice and Othello. Explore the narrow streets or enjoy a gondola cruise and fine dining.
The enchanting tale of A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes place in woodland on the outskirts of Athens. Draw on the Bard’s inspiration of Greek mythology and explore the historical city sights of a captivating country.
Laced in history, the city of Rome and the brutality of the Roman Empire inspired many of the Bard’s tragedies, including Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Titus Adronicus.
The beautiful landscape of this Mediterranean island sets part of The Winter’s Tale. With beaches, coves, valleys and mountains, take a chance to discover your own inspiration.
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