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Top 5 Winter Date Ideas

Winter is finally upon us. With leaves falling from the trees, snow falling all around and icy breath and cold, red noses, Winter is one of the most romanticised seasons. And that means it is the perfect time to woo your other half with a romantic winter date. 

1) Netflix and chill 

Netflix and chill has a few negative connotations but it is still a go to dating idea. There is nothing nicer than cuddling up with a load of warm blankets to watch a film. Both of you can pick one to watch. It’s the perfect chance to learn more about each other and judge them on their taste in films. If you want ultimate romance try and find an open fire to sit in front of!  

2) Make a Fort  

Creating a fort is the best way to keep cosey whilst watching a film during the cold season. It’s so simple but can provide so much fun (and some opportunities for super cute instagram pictures). Just grab a few chairs and drape blankets over them, and fill the inside with duvets and fairylights. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, it’s the perfect time to impress with your hot chocolate making skills!  

3) Sledging/Ice Skating 

In an ideal world there would be enough snow to go sledging together. However this is not the case everywhere. Luckily Ice Skating can work instead! These activities aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but working together to keep balanced or to stay on a sled can help you to build up trust, as well as having a fun time. And everyone has seen the Ice Skating date in Elf. It doesn’t get more romantic than that. 

4) Baking Christmas cookies 

A chance to show off your baking skills. Or lack of! The best part of baking is of course the decorating, you could challenge each other to do the best decorations or work on it together. This one is also great as you will have snacks to eat in your fort when you Netflix and chill later on in the evening. 

5) Christmas Markets 

The best part about winter is by far the Christmas Markets. There’s something very magical about them and will bring out the romance in any date for sure. Every town has a Christmas market that will be filled of quaint little old timey stores and food and drink stands. Perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit together by drinking mulled wine in the cold winter air. 

Have you got another great date idea? Let us know in the comments below!