Top 5 Spooky Hotels to keep the scares coming

Written by AbiDonoghue

Halloween may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the scares have to stop.  And it appears that ghosts love a good hotel as much as a living person. So here is my list of the top 5 spookiest hotels.

1.Stanley Hotel- Colorado, USA

The Stanley Hotel famously inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. And if The Stanley is anything like The Overlook Hotel, then you’re in for a spooky night.

2.The Mermaid Inn – Rye, England

This Tudor-style hotel has been featured on Most Haunted. Many of the rooms have different named spirits haunted them. You can specially request to stay in these rooms and get acquainted with the ghostly roommates.

3.Karosta Prison Hotel- Liepaja, Latvia

The Karosta Prison, an old Nazi and Soviet military was converted into a ‘hotel’ in 2013. The prison has been featured on Sci-Fi show ‘Ghost Hunters International’ with reports of chains clanking and doors opening on their own. Staying over night here is only for brave people, however, as you are treated like a prisoner throughout your stay, fully complete with physical exercise and cleaning as punishment.

4.Hotel Buchianti- Florence, Italy

Guests often report feeling as though someone is pressing down, or sitting on their chest as they sleep in this charming hotel. These occurrences happen so much, a previous owner refused to stay onsite after 6pm!

5.The Ancient Ram Inn- Gloucestershire, England

Highly regarded as the most haunted house in Britain, a stay here certainly isn’t for the weak of heart. It is believed to have been built over an old Pagan burial ground and to have hosted satanic rituals and sacrifices. Today, the spirit of a witch who was burned at the stake takes refuge in one of the rooms and is believed to have a portal open to dark energy. Very spooky.