Top 5 Most Overplayed Songs of the World Cup

So England did not have a great run through the World Cup.

So England did not have a great run through the World Cup. In fact it only took them three games to play and then they got kicked out and how upsetting is that. And since our other hope of Italy lost to Uruguay things seems pretty rubbish in the world of sport.
I don’t know about you lot but here at Kettle if we are ever down in the dumps, we switch on our tunes and cheer ourselves up. So we thought why not put together a playlist that consists of the five most overplayed songs of the World Cup.
And yes there is a stage in time when a song does get overplayed far too much and we do get annoyed by it. But let’s face it, we have not had such a great run in The World Cup so we need something to take our minds of the whole thing.
Fat Les – Vindaloo
This is the classic world cup song that everybody knows. It was the track for the 1988 FIFA World Cup where England was kicked out of round 16.  For a British song that is named after a curry, it’s one hell of a catchy tune what with “na na na” and “we all love vindaloo” this song came to number two in the charts and was beaten by a certain song called Three Lions, not sure if any of you has heard of it?
Where do I start with Wavin’ Flag? I think the curators must have bought every vu vu zela and African drum there was available and thrown it all into this song. It was made for the 2010 world cup to act as a promo video for not only the popular sporting event but the fizzy drink.
I remember hearing this song every five minutes on the TV and I could not get rid of it, I found myself singing “When I get older, I will be stronger.” It was just played so many times that I think that is the one of the reasons I will not drink cola anymore.
Shout for England Feat. Dizzee Rascal & James Corden – Shout
Now, don’t get me wrong I do love James Corden and I think he has a talent for tv but when it comes to music that’s another story. I mean with lyrics like – “Pull your socks up let’s get physical, We need team work – we don’t need a miracle, We need Rooney in tip top condition, Aaron Lennon down the wing like he’s on a mission.” 
There are just so many things wrong with these lyrics and for it to be number one in the charts at the time it was released just makes it even worse, I mean how can one word that is sung over and over again be so popular?
Our film editor of Kettle will not be pleased that this is has made it to the playlist. But hey ho it’s going on here just for the fact that it is still played today and it was made in 1996. It’s the song that everybody was singing in my street for the first England game and boy did it get on my nerves, it just reminds me of a group of drunken men singing on the karaoke and it gives me a headache.
World Cup 2014 Intro by ITV – Vengaboys “Go Brazil”
This song has been burnt into my brain and will not be removed till the next “musical genius” comes along and decides I am going to rip off another person’s song and claim it as my own. Yes, I realised straight away when it was released on to our ITV screens that this “adaption” shall we call it, is from the Vengaboys’ song called Brazil.
Only ITV have added the word go on it but chose to only actually sing Brazil, Brazil, na na na na na na na naaaaa Brazil. Yet again one simple word and it’s a catchy tune that is supposed to get us revved and ready for the world up, I know it’s got me revved but it’s not for the world cup I am sure of it.
What World Cup song is stuck in your head? Let us know in the comments below!
Image: Lewis Whyld