Top 10 hotels in sunny beach resort

Written by Nigel Simpkins

For some years now, the pupils of the western eyes have been growing at the thought of a holiday in the over-controversial resort of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. The beach strip at the Black Sea shore, also recently called the Costa del Sol in the Balkans, the new Ibiza or the new capital of European entertainment.

Near the Golden Beach, lovers of the past and culture will find the city of Nessebar, a UNESCO heritage and human settlement of more than 3200 years old that preserves Byzantine vestiges, medieval Christian churches and the dusty-historical atmosphere specific to Eastern Europe.

And to get to the cherry on the cake faster, talk about the Bulgarian hotel jewelry, the guarantee of well-being and relaxation, the hosts of the sweet sounds of wine glasses clashing in the company of a sophisticated dinner, large spaces of blue-sapphire pool and friendly staff.

1. Riu Helios Paradise

Even the most critical voices are forced to recommend the hotel that does not carry paradise in vain. If you do not mind the few minutes you have to travel to sink your feet in a hot sand or in a clean Black Sea, and if you want to return to the hotel to sink without delay in the spoils of a SPA like a la carte, the Riu Helios hotel is the CHOICE.

2. Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort

Ideal place if you want a family getaway or a few days of pampering with your half. And even if you just want to pamper yourself with your half, but your parent’s heart does not allow you to leave the little ones at home, trust them with Iberostar. Children’s entertainment programs, such as drawing games, painting, volleyball or children’s cooking classes, will always allow you to enjoy the spa area, water sports, 7 swimming pools and freshly baked goodies. from the hands of the chefs.

3. DIT Majestic Beach Resort

The hotel bears modestly its 4 stars, but its former guests spread the rumor that “it would be 5” on the left and on the right. Dit Majestic says about itself that this is the meeting place between luxury and design and between dreams and … reality. We say that it would not be bad at all to slip from reality into the world of dreams, from time to time with one book in one hand, one cold lemonade in the other, the sea in front and the luxury DIT Majestic in the back. That is, as the sun sinks deeper into the sofas on the beach of the hotel.

4. Tiara Beach Hotel

Ever since entering the resort garden, when your mind begins to explore curiously and seek as much detail in as few seconds as possible, you will feel overwhelmed by a sense of comfort and security. When the huge pool lined with a flamboyant sidewalk will delight your eyesight, and the carefully laid vegetation will make you feel so familiar here, you’ll know you’ve made a good choice.

5. Victoria Palace Hotel & Spa

We mention from now on that you should not be discouraged by the message “Sorry, there are no rooms available for the selected date. Please choose other calendar dates” that might be displayed to you, but follow their advice with confidence. This is because even September can offer you everything you want from a vacation in Sunny Beach, without depriving you of anything but the maximum annual price you can pay for a room. And this could happen because the Victoria hotel certainly does not have a lack of guests during the summer, and if you get in the middle of Victorian comfort this year you will understand why.

6. DIT Evrika Beach

After a full year of waiting for the relaxation by the pool, you deserve a holiday where you just need to lift your finger and express your desire; you deserve to go back delighted by the beach and feel the smell of scented sheets from the entrance; you deserve to go down into a grand hall and rest a little on the couch before you start your feast. Yes, you deserve all this and even more, and the Evrika hotel promises not to leave anything behind.

The beach is always a popular choice when it comes to holidays, there are also a lot of fun activities to do. If you just want to relax, you can take walks or lay in the sun, with your device, maybe enjoying some themed movies, or play classic games in an online casino, where you can choose holiday themed games to play, you can also simply listen to music and enjoy your time while you’re on the beach.

7. Cuban Resort & Aquapark

An excellent choice, both for the value for money and for the aquatic play space. Kuban Resort awaits you with a traditional cuisine prepared and adorned with the creativity of a luxury restaurant and with the dedication of a grandmother. This is because the Balkan cuisine is left with nothing more than other well-known European dishes.

8. Galeon Residence & SPA

Located on a towel away from Nessebar, Galeon Residence seems to be a collector of positive reviews and people who left the Bulgarian coast delighted. The hand that took care of the decoration of the hotel did it with good taste, and the staff does not leave at all when it comes to the kindness with which they treat their guests. We wish you all the most delicious dinners accompanied by the elegant sound of the piano flaps!

9. Eden Park Luxury Villas

This seems like the perfect corner of the shore where you can take care of every inch of your body. The name is due to either the flowers that delight your eyes at every step, or the decorative style with royal tint, or the landscape that has the outdoor pool in the center and where you would like to stay for eternity. The complex brings together 6 villas, most of which are carefully decorated with intricate ornaments of a 19th century designer.

10. Royal Palace Helena Park

We could not miss a recommendation like the Royal Palace. We wish you the most pleasant conversations in the company of those with whom you have chosen to spend your holidays and cocktails whose coolness will keep you until the last drop of summer.

Sunny Beach parties promise to be the hosts of the most popular DJs, the best deals for alcoholic beverages, the low prices for entrance tickets and, in general, a space … without too many social constraints. All you need to do is to make sure you have everything packed with you and just enjoy the holiday.