Tips for traveling to Canada with family for the first time

Written by C Wolsey

Canada is one of the most popular places in the world as far as countries are concerned. It’s wide-reaching boundaries create an almost unlimited series of events to partake in. Canada is an area of not only multiple terrains, but it’s also at the border of the temperate zone and the arctic zone, with the southern area primarily temperate and its further northern regions closer to the arctic. Because of its location, Canada has multiple seasons, summer, spring, winter and fall, all perfect for visiting.  When you are ready to visit, eTA Canada can provide you with invaluable assistance to make your stay even more unforgettable.

Cool Beauty

In the colder regions closer to the south, especially during the wintertime, it is possible to see the beautiful northern lights. Some of the best places to view this phenomenon while keeping safe are Churchill, Manitoba, Lake Superior, Ontario and Yukon, which was ranked as one of the best in the whole world to view the lights. Majestic Animals

If the lights do not wow you, then for sure, the wildlife will astound you. Canadians have a vast number of unique and interesting creatures in their backyards. One example is the well-known Canadian moose- an astonishing creature to see as its size has never failed to surprise first-timers. But if you really travel to see an animal of astronomical proportions, the killer whale, which uses the waters of Canada as a breeding ground (specifically near Vancouver Island), would be the one to seek out. There is also the possibility to see Polar bears and walruses because of Canada’s proximity to the South Pole. Kids seeing super animals resembling the flying Bison in the avatar would be ecstatic at the opportunity to see the real-life versions of the magical creatures they see on television, and who doesn’t love the majestic Atlantic puffin?

Breathtaking Fall and Spring

Fall is just as good as any season in this haven of peace. The entire land becomes a land of multiple beautiful colors. Their tourism sector has taken advantage of these beautiful shades and made them more appealing to visitors. The Mont Sutton Fall festival in Quebec is a prime example of this. As the leaves of the trees change to yellow, orange, red and brown, Quebec natives and welcomed participants celebrate music and delicious food, as you would at any festival. The Canadian culture is merged seamlessly with the beautiful scene, and if there’s a need for escape, there is a chairlift, which takes you above and through the trees.

Springtime brings balance to the environment as the heat rises. Trees begin to regain leaves, and flowers bring multiple aromas from their buds. The Cherry blossom trees also bloom at this time. Pink petals cover the grounds of Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, Burrard Skytrain Station, and various neighbourhoods around the city. The Canadian Tulip Festival is also held at this time in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This is one of the largest and most impressive tulip events in the world, housing approximately 650,000 people and over a million tulips to go along with it.

Festive Summer Vibes

The summertime is an extension of spring’s thrill and vibe as a whole. Locals come out to enjoy the heat on beaches such as Skaha Beach at Penticton, British Columbia and Long Beach located at Tofino, British Columbia, which are two of the most popular beaches in Canada and for good reason. The widespread of the shores makes them ideal for visitors who want to enjoy the beach secluded from strangers. There are also sections of these beaches where people come together to socialize and enjoy the environment. There are many resorts close by these beaches for individuals who would like to stay nearby.

Canada is well known for being the country with the most hospitable people in the world. Customer service from these same people will create no doubt in your mind. Enjoying the Canadian atmosphere, from its landscape to its inhabitants and culture, will imprint a long-lasting feeling of serenity on your heart and that of your family as well.