Tips for sending parcels to the USA

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

If you’ve got friends and family in the USA then it’s likely you’ll want to send them a gift or two around Christmas and birthdays. They could be Americans themselves or Brits seeking home comforts now they live the other side of the Atlantic. Whether you’re looking to send their favourite food, clothes or other products, there are a number of important pieces of advice that can help when sending parcels to the USA. 

Label Parcels Accurately

In order for your parcels to arrive at the right destination and on time, it is imperative that you label everything correctly. Clear addressing will mean it has a much better chance of arriving in the right place. Best practice is to write everything clearly in capital letters and including as much information as possible. USA addresses have a different format to UK ones, so be sure to include:

  • Apartment/suite number
  • Street direction (usually east or west)
  • PO Box if necessary 
  • Correct area codes  

Only Send Legal Products

Always check that what you are hoping to send in a parcel to the USA can legally be imported into the country, otherwise a lot of time, effort and money will be wasted sending items out. Certain food products are banned in the USA that aren’t in the UK. Kinder Surprise sweets, haggis, absinthe and many more cannot be imported due to them all not meeting the USDA’s food standards. Weapons, drugs and other illegal items are also banned.

Complete Customs Declarations

Something else that often holds up the process of sending parcels to the USA is items not clearing customs. A customs declaration has to be attached to every parcel being sent to any country outside of the EU and must also be completed accurately. There are many services that will help you fill it in properly if you have any problems. 

Use a Professional Courier

Professional courier services such as TNT will take care of all the important details and ensure your parcels arrive on time and intact. Most offer a range of timely deliveries, whether you need it to arrive as soon as possible or seek a more economical, later delivery date. Plus, customs declarations, labelling and more are all taken care of by the professionals so you shouldn’t experience any issues.

These tips should mean that anything you send to the USA arrives in the right place at the right time, so your friends and family can enjoy such gifts.