Corporate Giveaways: Why do you need them?

Corporate giveaways, the best way to intrigue a new market of people, the nicest way to say thank you to your clients and the easiest way to create business for you. Are you looking for a bright idea? Are you bored of sending leaflets or pens? Consider Retro Sweet, they are not only sweet and fun but their products are great value for money.

Instead of sending a bunch of pens with your logo on, sweeten the deal by sending your client something to satisfy their sweet tooth.


A sweet jar can be the perfect corporate giveaway. Not only does it stand apart from the regular pens or notepads that a client receives, it can be a great feature in the office for your client to enjoy. Fill one with a mixture of different sweets or one with one type and see your corporate giveaway become an instant success.

Glass Sweet Bottles

For something a little more permanent, doubling as a great pen holder once the sweets are finished, we have little glass sweet bottles. The best thing about these jars is that they look great and the sweets taste delicious too. Slightly different from a bag of sweets, these jars are a great way to show your client how much you appreciate them. Presenting them with six glass sweet bottles in a set which has your company logo printed on its label. It shows you have put effort into their gift and the sweets taste fantastic too.


For the bigger, more important companies or simply if you have a little more cash to spend, opt for a sweet hamper. Retro Sweets have a passion for sweet things, if you couldn’t already tell! One of their favourite corporate gifts is the sweet hamper. Providing your client with a range of different sweets (over ten different types) and being able to label the hamper with your company’s logo means you stand apart from the crowd. You need this kind of corporate gift in your life!

Smaller Sweet Bags/Boxes

For something a little cuter, there are smaller striped sweet bags and boxes. These are perfect for any corporate giveaways introducing yourself to different companies using something a little sweeter than an email. We can print your logo and a message on each label and fill them with any kind of sweet you want. These are such a fantastic giveaway because your client is provided with a personalised message, a great range of sweets and will not forget their gift anytime soon.