Tips for keeping makeup in place during the heat!

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Written by JennyRose

Remember the summer we had a few weeks ago – seems like a long way away doesn't it. Well have no fear, there's still time to get some sunshine before the Autumn – and when the sun does appear, here are some tips to ensure your make-up doesn't get all spoilt.

Cleanse Skin

Regularly exfoliate and wash your face every day so that you have fresh, clean skin. Having dead, dry skin on your face can make your finished makeup look appear uneven. 


Apply this before anything else, as being applied directly on the skin is when it’s most effective. This not only helps keep your makeup on longer but will prevent ageing effects. Use oil free sun cream to avoid appearing even more sweaty.


Moisturising will keep your makeup on longer by keeping your face hydrated. It’s important to moisturise before applying makeup, although some beauty gurus say you could skip this step if your skin is particularly oily already. Definitely look into which moisturiser is best for your skin type as there are so many different products. After moisturising, allow time for it to set into your skin before adding primer. It’s also sometimes necessary to change moisturisers in different seasons, perhaps use an oil-free one for summer months.


Find the perfect primer for your skin type. Apply this before foundation but after your moisturiser, and apply with your fingertips. The primer will create a nice barrier between your skin and any makeup you apply, the right primer will also minimise pores and keep makeup on for a long time.

Light Coverage

A heavy, and full coverage foundation may melt and move around your face if you sweat. Use a BB Cream, tinted moisturiser or a light coverage foundation. I have combination skin so at the moment I'm using Bare Minerals (cruelty-free) Complexion Rescue as my 'foundation'; it's so light and somehow evens my skin tone and gives a dewy effect.  Here’s a list of the best BB Creams according to Vogue.

Avoid Powder Products

Switch from powders to cream eyeliners, blushes etc. Stains are also a great option for staying longer in the heat. Powders can tend to look cakey when you sweat and exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles. If you use a powder to set your makeup, make sure you use a small amount – less is more.

Go Waterproof

Invest in some waterproof eyeliner and mascara – they really do work. The Too-Faced (cruelty-free) “Better than Sex” is a great waterproof mascara product, I have never had it run down my face… And to be honest, it's quite difficult to take off at the end of the day! 

Setting Spray

It’s really worth purchasing an expensive one that has a good reputation, I would highly recommend Urban Decay (cruelty-free) setting spray – you can literally feel it tightening on your face afterwards. I haven't tried it but the NYX (cruelty-free) setting sprays also have great reviews, and it's super cheap. 

Be Prepared

Keep blotting papers and a face mist/cooling spray in your bag to use throughout the day. Both can be really inexpensive and found in Boots and Superdrug. Face mist usually has antioxidants in it that can help your skin stay healthy in the long term, as well as cooling it down immediately. 


Keep your body cooled down from the inside by drinking cold, icy water. Stay hydrated and your skin will do its best to stay sweat-free.