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Tips for a productive yet fun Sunday afternoon

So you have probably spent the majority of the morning in bed, partaking in a well-deserved lie in.

So you have probably spent the majority of the morning in bed, partaking in a well-deserved lie in. Nursing a hangover or forgetting another week-long slog of things you perhaps didn’t want to take part in, you know, like work or school. You are now faced with the question: “What to do with my Sunday?”

Now Sunday afternoon is an awkward time. On one hand you have the fact that it is the “day of rest” and on the other hand the feeling of impending doom, that is starting your week all over again. If the mood strikes you that you want to do nothing all day, then feel free, I mean what the hell, we only really get one day off per week! Being a football fan myself, I do like to take the odd Sunday to immerse myself in the sport, either having a kick-a-bout with some mates or just watching the pro’s do what they do best.

However, you can always try doing something a little more interesting. I recently stumbled across a theory about education whilst researching for my dissertation type essay. It’s called “Education through recreation” and essentially means learning doesn’t have to be a dull afternoon spent with your head buried in a text book. It tells us that everything we do is in some way making us smarter.

Carrying on this train of thought without going into the boring details, this leads me to thinking why not spend your Sunday afternoon doing something you have a passion for. In my case I often spend hours sitting around learning or writing new songs. You don’t have to be particularly talented at whatever this thing you try, but it can literally be anything.

Try learning a new recipe and cooking it up for dinner—this is a great way to impress family, friends or a potential date! You know what the apron says “kiss the cook.”

Alternatively why not try something completely bizarre. When I was about 14 I spent an afternoon learning to juggle (not particularly well I might add) and to this day it’s still an incredibly fun bar trick.

If you have a bit of a sense of adventure, why not grab a friend (or go on your own!) and try something along the lines of just hopping on a train and going somewhere completely new.

You never know what you might discover or who you might meet. My many a trip to London gave me a great insight into a great city, I discovered some really cool music shops and learnt the area pretty well so when you are stumbling back drunk after a night out, you know where you are going, and on a Sunday afternoon you have time to go into all those quirky places you’d usually rush past!

If you do feel like bumming around the house, why don’t you have a think about where you next want to go on holiday and look up some deals? Some of my other favourite things to do around the house include finding new films, TV shows and music, all of these can be very rewarding. Check out IMDB and pick a film you would never have thought of watching, the studio Ghibli films pop to mind here!

Some do regard me as a bit of a music snob, but music is not something to be taken lightly. It is an expression of feeling, and there are a hell of a lot of those out there, so go check out something that isn’t in the charts, who knows, your iPod may be the life of the next party.

Speaking of which, plan a party! Who needs a reason to have fun anyway?

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, some productive yet fun ways of spending your Sunday afternoon!

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