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Three things you’ll know if you’re the youngest sibling

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Written by SamMorto19

Being the baby of the family isn’t always as cute as it may sound, sometimes it can lead to trouble.

All families have their ups and downs, but in my family I was always the trouble maker, you see being the youngest and the only girl with two older brothers meant I could pretty much get away with anything and everything.

That’s one of the perks of being the youngest, plus you’ll always be ‘young’ whether there’s a year between you and your siblings or ten, you’ll always be the baby of the family.

So there are definitely perks, but it also has its downsides, like how you’re too young to play certain games, so when your siblings get to go out with their friends you have to stay at home with your parents, or how they would automatically go on a power trip when they were asked to baby sit you.

If you are the youngest sibling, here are three things you will understand;

1) You’re older siblings are your first role models

Your siblings are your first role models, when you are growing up, you idolise your siblings it doesn’t matter if they’re a different gender. You watch them mature and see the things that they get to do with age and you want to do the same.

2) They’ll always be your bodyguards

Older siblings will always be protective. Whether you annoy the hell out of them or not they know that they’re the only ones allowed to pick on you so god help anyone who got on your wrong side because they’d have hell to pay.

No matter how old you get this will always be the case and if like me you are a girl with two older brothers, get ready for them to become like your dad the first time you bring a boy home, they will be asking what his intentions are.

3) They’re your biggest competition growing up

Sibling rivalry is something that is just a part of nature no matter how old you are, but the bonus of being the youngest you have more preparation time. Let’s think about education. When it comes to results day, your parents will be thrilled by your siblings results but you’ll be thinking what you need to do to beat them and get better results. Bearing this in mind, now I’ve received the better degree grade my brothers will never hear the end of it.

It is not just school that you are competitive over, competition comes with everything you do. You will never be able to escape comparisons, no matter what you do if you don’t do it as well as your siblings you will be notified, relentlessly!

So that’s the highlights of being the youngest, it can be fun and there’s nothing better than having siblings, they’re more than family, they’re your friends and will always be there for you. 

Just make sure that if you are the youngest you’re not too annoying because things will be held against you, for example the old family movies showcasing your world class tantrum because you weren’t’t allowed to play with the ‘older kids’ and no one wants those videos broadcasting as part of some revenge plot for when you accidentally broke your brothers action man when you were five. Use your youngest sibling perks for good, not evil!