The Voice UK: What Must Change For Series 4

Written by n-phull
Following Kylie Minogue’s departure after just one series and the news that the final was the lowest-rated final since The Voice UK began in 2011, some crucial improvements need

Following Kylie Minogue’s departure after just one series and the news that the final was the lowest-rated final since The Voice UK began in 2011, some crucial improvements need to take place for the show’s fourth season. 
Choose the right acts
Throughout the much-loved blind auditions, the four superstar coaches turned for some pretty mediocre singers. New coaches Kylie and Ricky got a bit over-excited to be sitting in the spinning chairs and made a few bad choices.
The format of the show means each coach is only allowed 12 vocal acts on their team so when it gets to the end of the auditions, it gets a lot tougher when they’re unsure whether to take the risk with a sublime vocalist or wait to see if someone better is on the horizon. This seems a bit unfair since it’s not the fault of the person auditioning where the producers have decided to order them!
Other silly decisions include Kylie choosing Rachel over Femi after stealing him from Team Will in the Battle rounds – I mean, what a waste of time that was and Rachel was first out in the live shows too. Letting Bob Blakeley’s powerhouse of a voice slip through the net was a big embarrassment too when he was later signed to a record label. 
Constructive criticism
The Voice’s initial success this series was very much down to what many people were calling ‘the Kylie effect.’ Her warmth and bubbliness livened up the panel and she clearly forged some strong relationships with the other coaches. By the end, however, it seemed like she wasn’t that invested in her final three acts and was only there to plug her latest album. 
Sir Tom Jones is without doubt a living legend but his comments are too uninspiring, repetitive and sometimes pretty awkward to listen to. Similarly, the novelty of’s character is rapidly fading away.
It’s great that he’s forward-thinking, good with technology and, dare I say, ‘fresh’ but his comments are just downright bizarre and he acts a bit too much like a child in a sweetshop. The show’s producers must constantly listen in fear of what ridiculous thing he might say next. 
All the coaches have said they would only consider returning if Kylie did and perhaps that’s a good thing. It’s time for another complete overhaul. Let’s get my dream panel of Ellie Goulding, Will Young, Robbie Williams and Sir Cliff Richard in place asap. An exciting and achievable British combination with bucketloads of personality and they’re popular too.
Make it happen, BBC. 
More live shows
It doesn’t matter how good or deserving the winner of the show is, they won’t ever be successful on the back of three live shows. The audience aren’t invested in the singers after such a short period of time and there is barely any time for them to ‘grow’ in the competition, contrary to what the coaches might think.
Having said that, weekly eliminations aren’t the answer either as viewing figures might dwindle to even more embarrassing levels if the show goes on for three months.
Five live shows should be enough for viewers to really find out what the artists are capable of and after the second live show, they shouldn’t insist on keeping at least one act from each team. Instead, putting acts through according to the ones that receive the most votes. Makes sense really. 
When The Voice UK launched three years ago, it was such a promising concept for a singing talent show but poor editing, uninspiring coaches and unsuccessful winners have jeopardised its future and the promise of two further series is just not that exciting.
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