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The ultimate itinerary ever for your gap year

Many student take a year out before entering the big bad world which is often referred to as a ‘gap year’. What should you do? Where should you go? And who with?

Many student take a year out before entering the big bad world which is often referred to as a ‘gap year’. What should you do? Where should you go? And who with? When first thinking about the idea of a gap year, you may be overwhelmed but fear not, below is the ultimate itinerary for your perfect gap year. The most important things to remember are to make the most of your time and try different and new things. 

Get an open water certificate so you can dive anywhere around the world
Imagine being up, close and personal with the world’s greatest fish (and I don’t mean having your face up against your goldfish bowl). No see, the delights of the world that live below us and do it everywhere you go.

Go on a safari
This should go without saying. Why wouldn’t you want to see animals in their natural habitat, hunting for their food and looking after their young? This would be an amazing experience and I definitely want to go on one in my life. However, I need to be in a fast car for safety reasons, of course.

Go to an animal sanctuary
Visit elephants in Cambodia, Lions in South Africa and orang-utans in Malaysia.

Go to music festivals
Whether these are a selection of British festivals (in the pouring rain I must say) or whether you choose to go abroad to the likes of Benicassim in Spain or Hideout in Croatia. Have a drink, with your friends and listen to music – sounds perfect.

Surf on Bondi Beach
By this, I mean attempt to surf on Bondi Beach. I presume that instead of looking like a beach babe who is a natural in the water, I would look like a breathless sea urchin, who cannot see anything because there is sea water in my eyes as I drastically come up for breath.

Learn a new language
After a week travelling, it may become both tedious and embarrassing when the only words you’re using are ‘Ola’ and ‘Bonjour’ and other than that getting by with slow talking and over exaggerated gestures.

Have a BBQ on the beach in Australia
It has to be done! And please refrain from saying ‘Oh Sheila, chuck a shrimp on the Barbie’ in the WORST Australian accent. (Trust me, I was given a look of death when I met some Australian people at a festival and tried my accent on them!)

Eat your way around food markets
Part of experiencing different cultures is eating their food, right? I think so. What better way to explore countries, then to eat your way around. Indian markets, Japanese markets, American diners and German sausages. Yum.

Go skydiving
When I told my dad this, he was confused as to why I wanted to do this and ‘DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE FROM DOING THIS?’ but for some reason I really want to do a sky dive. I mean I love having the windows open and having the wind in my hair when I’m driving so why wouldn’t I like it?

Go inter-railing
This seems to be an up and coming activity where you travel by train around Europe. There are many destinations you can visit, spending a few days and nights in them before going off to another.

Work at a ski season
If you have ever seen the Disney film ‘Chalet Girl’ then you will realise that this is a great idea. Imagine working on the slopes, living on the slopes and actually being able to ski on the slopes.

Work at a summer camp
Okay so you’ve seen them in all of the American movies but surely sitting at a camp fire singing songs after a day of white water rafting is something you want to say you’ve done?

Haggle at a market
You’ve not really experienced a true market if you haven’t haggled for handmade shoes or hand painted wooden bracelets.

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