The return of Pink Floyd

The return of the greats. A huge moment for Floyd fans everywhere- a new album is to be released after a 20 year hiatus! Well, it isn’t exactly new. The album is made up of leftover sound recordings from previous studio albums, fixed together to form a new one, like a phoenix from the flames.

This however doesn’t seem to bother anyone, as the album has now become the most pre-ordered album of Amazon’s history and is rapidly climbing the charts in America. With such a large fan base this doesn’t seem surprising. However when you remember they released their first studio album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, in 1967, it seems incredible that they have managed to remain legends for so long.

Album after album of excellence has created this reputation and the desire for their new album is entirely justified. Yet hard-core fans may be slightly disappointed. Most of the samples used in this album were recorded from the 1994’s Division Bell and as such doesn’t feature Roger Waters. Additionally Richard Wright, who died in 2008 and to whom the album is dedicated, doesn’t focus as heavily as in past albums.

This means that it won’t be the Floyd of Dark Side of The Moon, but a softer more romanticised version, focusing on light instrumentals rather than ensembles of noise. Of course, from one of the most famed Rock bands in history you can be sure they’ll still manage to excel.

The last track ‘Louder Than Words’ echoes the bands status and as goodbyes go, there could be none better than reminding the world of one of the greatest bands that ever walked the earth. On 10/11/2014 Endless River will be released and is most likely the last album from these classic Rock heroes. 

Does the new material live up to expectations after such a long wait? Let us know in the comments below!