The return of BBC comedy W1A

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Written by GemmHirst

This week, back at Central London Headquarters New BBC Broadcasting House, Central London we witnessed the new series of W1A, a dry comedy that satires what it is like to work for the BBC.

Since the show’s beginning in 2014 (a kind of mock up of a documentary) we’ve followed Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) Head of Values at the BBC on a very important task.

W1A returns to TV

The first episode of this new series, perhaps should have been called W2A because the BBC is sooo fresh like that. We catch Ian Fletcher at a very crucial time for the BBC – it is the day that BBC execs are having a meeting about how they’re going to handle the important issue of the royal visit and how they intend to keep Wimbledon on the BBC and away from rival channels (cough, Sky, cough). Head of Brand and PR at Perfect Curve Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes)  thinks this is so cool and a total no brainer on how they are not going to f*** it up.

Risky but clever

Quite a witty piece of programming, W1A is a clever show that highlights how often pathetically complicated it is to create a new show or find out how many times this Top Gear guy called Jeremy Clarkson (have you heard of him?) has said tosser in all the episodes that have been made since Clarkson joined the show. Quite a risky joke to use in light of recent Top Gear events, but the programme did bleep out his name and all images of his face. Keeping in line with BBC safety guidelines but rather humorous all the same.

Fans of the first series of the show will be pleased to know that the former Doctor, David Tennant is doing the added narration. Tennant clearly tries to do it seriously yet the sarcastic tone is enjoyable and adds an extra level of ridiculousness to the show. It’s obviously a programme that every BBC member wants to be in. This week, we saw The One Show presenters, Matt Baker and Alex Jones feature in their what looks to be like a breakfast break. It makes me wonder how many other cameo appearances will feature during the series.

On the down side, it is a lengthy show, with perhaps too many satirical jokes and not enough content. I’m sure that the Head of Output at W1A, Anna Rampton (Sarah Parish), would be totally against that.

Nevertheless, there is something definitively amusing about the BBC taking the piss out of themselves; almost as if we shouldn’t laugh but because the BBC are doing it, it’s suddenly okay. Unless you’re a fan of the media or an aspiring journalist, this programme might not be for you. Then again, if you are a staff member at the BBC, I might say the same thing anyway?

W1A is on BBC 2, Thursdays at 10pm. Catch up with the first episode on BBC iPlayer.