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The never-ending search to find ‘True Love’

Recently, poor Prince Harry has had his love life – or lack of it – spread across the paper like it’s something that’s ok to talk about.

Recently, poor Prince Harry has had his love life – or lack of it – spread across the paper like it’s something that’s ok to talk about. If there’s something worse than being alone and struggling to find someone, I’m sure it’s having everyone know about it. At least if you’re out of the public eye you can pretend to your friends like it’s fine, ‘I don’t need anyone anyway.’

True love. Is there such a thing? I’ve thought about it a couple of times in my life but I realise once separating myself from the situation that it was merely infatuation, maybe just intense lust. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe that you can find someone that you truly love, but I do believe that there isn’t one person for everyone and I certainly believe that it’s not easy.

Someone that you could truly love may pass by you but due to the fact that in the society we live in today, it’s not acceptable to just strike up conversation with a perfect stranger without looking like a lunatic – which I find quite sad. I also find it sad that people feel like nights out drinking are the only place to find someone and have the confidence to talk to someone you may be attracted to. If a guy wanted to approach me, I’d prefer it to be when he’s sober and I’m actually able to believe/understand what he’s saying not that he’s just after one thing.

In a perfect world you would be able to find your ‘ideal’ match through some sort of system, or like a penguin, mate for life. The way I see it is when you’re young you chop and change your partner like you flick through TV channels. When time starts to go on, everyone around you and the place you are in your life calls for a more serious commitment. People get married, people move in together, but maybe if you’d met this one person when you were younger it wouldn’t have been right. It’s just the motion that people go through and whether they truly love each other or whether they are just settling is hard to determine.

I think it’s beautiful when people find love and they stay together for a really long time but I can’t help but think that it is through circumstance that they’ve managed to keep it together and not through true love. If either one had come into contact with another person that they may have felt passion towards, like people that cheat, it happens. It also depends on the mental balance of the couple. If each one can agree on all the technicalities like how many children they want, where they’d like to live, even liking the same food, maybe, just maybe they can make it work. If there’s an inbalance, such as one person not being committed to the relationship as much as the other – it can break.

I am 100% no sort of relationship expert and I do not claim to be. These are just opinions on finding true love and if Prince Harry is struggling to find a partner, personally I think it’s through circumstance and not through whether it’s hard or easy.

There’s not just someone out there for everyone, there’s more than just one but a lot of factors go into determining whether just one person will stay with you forever. It’s a dream and a fairy-tale for most people because it’s very difficult from the billions of people to find just that one person. You’re a lucky person if you do it and I’m forever jealous.