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The importance of keeping a diary

keeping a diary
Written by Jesscwallace

With the rush of our busy, modern lives, we often neglect ourselves and forget to leave time for ourselves to record what is going on in our lives and our thoughts and feelings. Yet there are so many benefits of keeping a diary. One of our many struggles is how to keep up a daily diary with all the other life stresses often is the first thing to get neglected.

Be Realistic

First of all, don’t dread writing your diary. Look forward to it. Think about all the positives it brings you and how you appreciate yourself in the future for writing.

Beginning a diary, you tend to be incredibly optimistic expecting to write an entire page per night. It will never happen. Best to find a diary with that gives small amount of space to write per day but not too small that you will end up feeling frustrated at not writing enough!

Obviously there’s always going to be times when you forget to write, you’re too tired or just can’t be bothered. That’s fine. But just try to make a habit of catching up with the day before so you don’t feel too overwhelmed keeping it up.


See how your writings, thoughts and feelings develop over time. Scrap those bad habits

Write how you want. Don’t put pressure. Enjoy and let out how you’re feeling. Solve problems

Release Stress

Keeping a diary is a great release for stress or frustrations. Able to monitor emotions or mental health problems you may be facing by helping you to see your progress by reflecting on your improvements – become more self-reflective


Abel to look back on your week/month/year and recalling events in your life that you may have misplaced otherwise. Able to reflect upon past situations