The Disclosure house chapter continues

Music fans in the UK have long shown their affection for house music. From its upbringing in Chicago during the 1980s, its creation of a uniquely British sound in the ‘90s, to its unique influence in pop, house has had a history in music, and saw people dance the night away in clubs up and down the country.

So when Howard and Guy Lawrence, two brothers from Reigate in Surrey, known as the duo Disclosure, released their debut album Settle in 2013, a new chapter in the UK’s house genre was written. They not only expanded the uniquely British sound further into the mainstream, but they also launched the career of an obscure vocalist, Sam Smith, through ‘Latch’, a dance-pop crossover classic.


Pioneering the house sound

Settle was a critical and commercial success, with many people wondering what was next for the duo. Last week, the question was answered, with the release of ‘Holding On,’ the lead single off of their second album, details of which are currently vague at best.

They are joined by Gregory Porter, the American jazz vocalist, who received widespread attention in the UK for his album Liquid Spirit, and was featured on Radio 2.


Two great artists on one single. Nothing could go wrong. So when Annie Mac gave it the first play as the Hottest Record in the World the night of 26 May, the excitement contained in the air was released. Disclosure are back.


The duo came across Porter after hearing Liquid Spirit, and their tour manager had been a fan of his work, and then the collaboration evolved.

“It was me, Gregory, and Jimmy Napes, and us 3 write the song, which was a totally different song,” Howard told Radio 1’s Annie Mac, adding that when it was done, Guy and Howard had remixed their own song, based on what had been written with Porter around a piano.

Can album 2 top Settle?

‘Holding On,’ when you press the play button, becomes an instant dance anthem. The tempo and chords are echoes of some elements of the beginning of Settle, but advances going into the first verse, allowing to become more than any dance song. This is house, Disclosure style, the sound they received acclaim for in 2013, expanded once more, and Porter’s vocals are the icing on the cake to make this perhaps a contender for #1 on the charts.

It is unclear what will come from the duo’s second album, or what other elements they will bring to the table. With the release of Settle, they began writing a new chapter of the evolution of the house genre in the UK. ‘Holding On’ is evidence perhaps that they can set the boundaries higher, and top what they did with their debut.

We’ll have to wait to hear what else the Lawrence brothers come up with for this next record, but with this single, it would be difficult to call the concept a catastrophe.

Disclosure has given us the epic single ‘Holding On,’ and fans everywhere are holding on, not just for more from Guy and Howard, but how far they can revolutionise house music.

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