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The Bloody Mary Burger at K West Hotel

I now have an association with burgers from most of my friends. I am no expert but I do like to eat as many as I can and try the latest and craziest burgers. This led me to the strange concoction by K West Hotel. At Easter they devised the Crème Egg burger, I didn’t get to try it but it sounds crazy enough. This time, they have gone I would say even crazier, a Bloody Mary Burger.

Bloody Mary burger at K West hotel

K West Hotel as I learned during my visit was formerly the BBC Building Kensington House in the 60s. There was an endless list of Rock ‘N’ Roll royalty staying here, names included  – Bob Marley and the Wailers, Bowie, The Kinks and Roxy Music to name a few. At my visit there was a group of girls waiting outside as supposedly Hozier was staying there. Oh, the company I keep.

So what is this crazy burger all about then?  Mozzarella melted over a beef patty topped with celery & horseradish mayo, crunchy lettuce and vodka ketchup served in a brioche bun. Vodka ketchup did you say? Celery and Horseradish Mayo too? It all sounds really good and will definitely be one of a kind.


Bloody Mary Burger with vodka ketchup @kwesthotel juicy and messy #burger #foodie

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The burger is one of a kind, I mean a Bloody Mary Burger. If you ever hear that again I will be shocked. It sounds unreal and it is. An alcoholic cocktail favoured by many, a drink which has tomatoes and tobasco, now these sound just right for a drink and a burger too when you think about it. Now let’s get to this.

My friend came along with me and it was his birthday so an extra special treat for him. His view on the burger was: “A thoroughly enjoyable burger, with a great take on a classic drink for its sauce. I thought the patty should have been medium rare as it needed to be juicier. Mozzarella was a great choice (we both agree here) too. A good size burger which was very filling and the chips were good too”. Thanks Birthday boy.

Vodka Ketchup

I do agree with him to an extent. The burger was nice but I wouldn’t call it memorable. The Vodka Ketchup, which should make it stand out more but it doesn’t. Was I expecting it to be stronger, in terms of alcohol or spicier like a bloody Mary. I think so, I just wanted more. The build-up was there, even the horseradish mayo lends itself to higher expectancy levels but it didn’t deliver for me. The chips on the side complete a good dinner and stuff the belly. Nothing out of this world, but they are potato fries which are both crispy and fluffy at the same time.

The burger for sure was juicy, it was a mouthful and had quality and quantity, but I wanted just that bit more. That is the problem with expectancy. I mean, if a burger did ever meet such expectations then it would be out of this world. K West has the potential to reach the right demographics in West London, burgers are still the craze too and who doesn’t love a burger. I do hope that they keep on with their new designs and entice me again with an outlandish name and recipes to entice. That is what they do – they draw you in with the lights and the venue and give a good burger. Keep me posted K West.