The best way to give your office a fresh face this Spring

office space
Written by Nigel Simpkins

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, we are finally heading back into the office. Back in March 2020, very few of us would have guessed that so many people would still be working from home two years later. But with the government rolling back more and more of their restrictions, the time has come to bring our teams back into the office and announce that we are back in business. However, with spring in the air and a spirit of optimism, this is the perfect time to give your office a fresh new look and some new tools. Here are a few tips.

Rethink Your Layout

We all know how it can be when a team grows in a single office space. People either grab desks where they can, or we keep squeezing growing teams into the same space until no one has room to breathe. Before you bring people back in, think about how you can better create a collaborative and comfortable workspace. Where you can you put your teams that will allow them to throw ideas around and do their best work? 

Upgrade Your Health And Safety

We don’t want to bring it back to viruses and pathogens, but this is the perfect time to get serious about making sure that your office space is as clean and sanitary as it can possibly be. We all remember the sinking feeling when someone comes into work with a bad cold, as we wonder how long it is going to take before those germs spread around the whole office. If you want to upgrade your cleaning, look at mobile UVC sanitising. These cleaning appliances from VIOA can handle a whole range of germs, pathogens, and viruses, and you can find out more about how they work on their website.

Create More Collaborative Space

If your office has a bunch of desks and one boardroom, then it is time to shake things up a bit. One of the biggest reasons why we want to bring our teams back into the office is to get that creative environment flowing again. Think about creating more breakout areas where your teams can brainstorm ideas. Repurpose your boardroom and create an ideas workshop. Most importantly, you want to encourage your employees to feel comfortable coming to you with ideas. Think about how you can make your office, and yourself, more accessible. 

Let The Light In

A dark, poorly lit workplace is something that a lot of us have had to get used to at one point or another in our lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Lighting has a huge impact on our mental health. Before you bring your team back in, think about what you can do to get more natural light into the office. Maybe it’s about repositioning some workstations or changing floors in your building. And when it comes to electric lighting, switch to LED lightbulbs. They are far less harsh than other lightbulbs and they create a lot less waste energy.