Looking after your mental wellbeing during stressful periods: A guide

Written by C Wolsey

Stress is a factor of life that we have all endured at some point or another. While some people might thrive during stressful periods of their lives, others might find themselves struggling and needing some extra support. Either way, there is nothing wrong with seeking this extra support to get through whatever is in front of you, but you must be looking after yourself all the same. 

Your mental wellbeing might take a bit of a hit when you are stressed, which is why we have created this helpful guide below. Read on to discover ways to care for your mental wellbeing during stressful periods. 

Practice Breathing Techniques

If you find that your breathing becomes a bit erratic when you are stressed, you would likely want to do what you can to stabilise it; any hyperventilation will add to the feelings of stress and anxiety you are experiencing. By practising breathing techniques, you give yourself the tools required to calm yourself down in moments of stress. 

What breathing technique works for you is entirely unique; explore what is out there and practice, practice, practice! Narrowing down the options will enable you to find what works best and bring you peace of mind moving forward. 

Explore Calming Products

This is something we feel confident most people would have considered when wanting to care for their mental wellbeing, but it is worth mentioning in this piece all the same. There are a variety of different products out there. Much like breathing techniques, it is worth trying and testing various ones to discover what is most effective in relieving the stress that you are feeling. 

Available in various forms, you can expect to find a product on the market that fits your budget but also slots seamlessly into your lifestyle. Greenhaus are a provider of such products, offering delivery to the UK and North American consumers. Doing your research and exploring all that the market offers will make certain you are finding what is best for you while witnessing all the industry has to offer along the way. 

Gentle Exercises

Tense muscles can be incredibly painful when left to build up. Understandably, you are sure to experience some sort of tension in your body when going through periods of stress, but you want to do what you can to relax your muscles too. Having tense muscles for a prolonged period of time could lead to an injury of some sort, which is bound to cause more stress!

Practising gentle muscles stretches and exercises on a regular basis is sure to minimise this from happening. At the same time, you could even look at the gentle exercises as a stress buster themselves, for exercise is known to release the hormones that we need to be happy and stress-free! Whether you choose to do some yoga and Pilates or go for a light jog is entirely up to you; know that the exercise you are doing is benefiting your mental wellbeing and looking after your physical health.