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Maximising space in a small kitchen

small kitchen
Written by C Wolsey

After a year at home, many of us have fallen back in love with the kitchen again. As life slowed down, we were given more opportunities to cook dinner and learn how to make new recipes. The kitchen is the centre of many homes and a great place to hang out with family while learning a new skill. By learning to cook, you can eat more balanced meals with your family and save money on take-out food. 

In a recent survey by YouGov, a whopping 73% of people said they enjoyed cooking last year and want to keep it up over the next year. British households are enjoying lighter meals, like fish and vegetables, while also learning to make new recipes as well. Vegetarian meals are also becoming more popular with the vast number of meat alternatives available in supermarkets. 

The kitchen has become, once again, the heart of the home. If you have a smaller kitchen, here are a few ways you can maximise your space.

Utilise corners

If your kitchen has a few awkward corners, it’s time to get clever with your storage and shelving. Look into floating shelves, bespoke cupboards and maybe even some narrow cupboards to fit into the space. Instead of filling floor space, focus on building your kitchen upwards and utilising the space above.

Install a breakfast bar

A small breakfast bar can look stylish and modern. However, it’s also practical and can provide you with extra counter space instead of a bulky kitchen table. You can prep food at the breakfast bar, clean up and enjoy your meals on it too. Multi-functional furniture is the way to go with smaller spaces.

Opt for a streamlined design

A minimal design can help your space to feel bigger and more open. Clear away the clutter and use natural colours, like green, to brighten up the kitchen. Streamline your kitchen design as much as possible – right down to the cupboard handles.

Stephen Lynskey, Head Designer at Hammonds, advises:

“Choosing an integrated handle or handle-less design for your kitchen cupboards and drawers gives a seamless effect and therefore delivers on the illusion of space. The sleek lines this design creates will make your kitchen seem far larger simply because it won’t look like it’s been put together in little bits.”

Use the inside of cupboard doors

Closed cupboards can help to conceal any clutter and clunky kitchen appliances. The inside of your cupboard doors is the perfect place for a spice rack or organiser. You could even use stick-on hooks to hang kitchen towels or utensils. Smart storage can keep your kitchen neat, organised, and streamlined. 

Cooking in a messy kitchen with no organisational system can be very stressful and unenjoyable.