The 1975: Ready to change the face of pop music

Be excited. Be very excited.

The 1975 have resurfaced from a long hiatus and exploded with burst of colour. Their new track ‘Love Me’ premiered for the first time on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show as her ‘Hottest Record in the World’.

Even though the band’s previous eponymous album was the hit of the summer a couple of years ago, The 1975 have matured 10 years. In the world of their music it’s the 80s now, and this new track will leave you with a frizzy hair-do, wearing pink neon leggings, and blowing a huge balloon of bubblegum.


‘Love Me’ is weird; weird in the most amazing and interstellar way. As soon as the first guitar riff chimes in with an electric flourish, it’s an immediate nod to David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ with an added mix of Duran Duran and Aerosmith.

Fans have a lot to look forward to coming up in the pipeline. The boys have been hard at work recording their new album out in sunny LA.

That’s right. In February 2016 there will be a fresh album named *big breath* – I Like it When You Sleep – For You’re So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. That’s a title almost worthy of a Fall Out Boy record.

Armed with their new album, which is a massive 17 tracks strong, The 1975’s main mission is to rejuvenate pop music. That’s because frontman Matty is “sick” of the current pop music scene. The 1975 are already no strangers to success (proven by selling out shows before they even released their debut album!), so this injection of electric blue, spacey pop looks set to do some magic.

The band call the record “a further distillation” of their sound. ‘The 1975’ was the name of the debut album which was indie-rock draped in sombre tones and moody lyrics. The album aesthetic was dark, elegant and poignant. I expect after this facelift, The 1975 will be experimenting with their distilled vibe, with the artistic and moody aesthetic still intact.

‘Love Me’ is available now on the band’s website. 

Are you a fan of The 1975? What do you think of the new single? Let us know in the comments below!